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  1. Actually let me clarify. No cable patch works fine if you use mic or line input and connect with an audio cable. However I found I had issues with noise and had issues occasionally. I cant remember but I think no cable didn't work for me with 2 players. One needed to be a real cable.
  2. No Cable patch works fine. However I did also find a way to rewrite the firmware on the cable CM108 so it works for PC. I just got a programmer this week and I'll see if I can figure it out.
  3. I hope this is okay to post here. I stumbled upon a post that helped me figure out how to use a bandfuse guitar cable with Rocksmith on OSx Mac. Without any problems like latency or noise. No hack files needed at all. 1 Plug in your bandfuse cable 2 Go to your applications folder, utilities, and run Audio MIDI Setup 3 Click the little + in the lower left to create a new Aggregate Device 4 In the Aggregate Device select the BANDFUSE USB Guitar ADAPTER, I used the default volume level .375 and dB 5.939 4 Rename the aggregate device to "Rocksmith USB Guitar Adapter" 5 Right click the Rocksmith adapter, and select "Use this device for sound input" 5 Restart steam 6 Start Rocksmith 7 go and calibrate and tune your guitar I tried a CM108 guitar USB interface I orderd from amazon first and had tons of noise and crackling. When I switched to the Bandfuse cable all my problems went away!
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