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  1. Forgot to post until now, hope im not too late
  2. Figured i'd be earlier this week, cool song btw, sounds a lot like mastodon No bass this week, forgot it in the studio
  3. @Telboy Use imgur, probably best option This was enjoyable although i feel like some parts were off-beat and the solo was weird to play but the rest of the song was nice to play, definitely best to play on rhythm Really like the rhythm part with the finger picking, sounded nice
  4. The trilogy is done, time to wait for new songs next week
  5. Awesome collection this week, sadly wont get to play much since im sent away for work, but here is my first playthroughs I know im not in advanced group but i just really like war pigs so i decided why not play it anyway This blew me away, holy crap is this song difficult on bass, i think a lot of notes were wrong but rocksmith decided that i played them correctly anyway, really fun song to play nevertheless
  6. Btw theres an invisible note at the start, at least for me incase someone doesnt notice it Terrible score imo cus rocksmith did not want to cooperate at all with this, slides never counted and random notes didnt want to get counted either, idk
  7. man its hard to play guitar after playing bass, btw do you guys frown upon playing fingerpick bass songs with a pick?
  8. didnt like the guitar songs so just bought a bass instead Guess you need a 5 string for this one, just used a drop pedal but rocksmith doesnt like it very much apparently
  9. Disregard my last post, heres some more
  10. Probably my only submission this week as i think im starting to get RSI in my left hand
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