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  1. very cool song to play, has very challenging parts that are still fun to play. Very nice
  2. Playthrough of the new versions, weird how lead is easier than rhythm, can it be because iron maiden has 3 guitarists and it took the 2nd 'lead' guitarists parts and merged with the rhythm part? dunno just speculating
  3. This was pain to play, almost fell asleep multiple times, not playing again
  4. I can 100% but i dont know if i have the patience to do it well i had to give it a try lol, played it on learn a song and got 91% again
  5. Let's do this Love rust in peace, this is pretty much the same as rhythm so getting the rhythm parts right is key A bit surprised my request got picked i guess, but i like playing this song, gonna be fun challenging myself with this throughout the next two weeks
  6. Not gonna try to 100% i always get one note that doesnt get detected well played @ nlbsmglsk satisfied with this, to improve i have to properly learn the sweep pick arpeggios and stuff
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