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  1. Does this count cus i technically finished the song lol
  2. well i screwed up, got an 86 i think yesterday evening and didnt take a screenshot and now i cant play it again that well, guess ill have to try to recreate that score all week lmao
  3. Not a big fan of this one, note recognition sucks for me on this song
  4. Somehow whipped out this score without getting any strikes on the solo, dont think im improving on this song much more this week
  5. Well, excact same % as my last play but at least no strikes this time, and better score as well i guess
  6. Fun to play but man that solo just keeps me from posting it on score attack oh well, bit better accuracy here
  7. GOG score is from last week as it is the same song
  8. is it just me or is the GOG song easier than the lead masterclass one, like way easier
  9. Probably is my score then, can't see it on the post though
  10. So today i started playing whilst standing up, while i have played standing before i recently started doing it again and now my hand is sore and my arm is a bit sore too. Do you think im playing wrong or do i just need to get used to it?
  11. hey uhh just wanna point out that greven98 is my twitch account and should probably be deleted from the masterclass leaderboard
  12. well i just got sent home till dec 3rd so i guess i have more time to practice guitar now xd
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