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  1. Finally I'm back after holidays... This is my first try on it.
  2. First Try: Second try It didn't make a screenshot... Kind of a bummer Third try:
  3. Checked out the song once.... Will probably improve by alot the next days. Unfortunatly no update yet on the Iron Maiden Album. But I'm still working on it.
  4. Played once befor on stream. But Improved by alot this time. Super fun song.
  5. Finaly made it somehow that the Iron Maiden Album works. Here my score of the first try: Will still work on it... And I gonna upload the other songs soon. Btw... The fix for the notes not recognizing was quite simple... I just got rid of all my other CDLCs rebooted the game and bam see there it works. Super Super Happy that it finaly works.
  6. I was sooo happy to see Iron Maiden and gave it a shot... I'm quite sad that something is not correct with the song... It dosent wanna pickup sustains and open note on my A string on multiple different basses. I've literally tried everythign to make it pick up... Nothing works. So I'll gonna give up.
  7. Finally had time to give everything another shot! There we go, Bruce Dickinson is quite finicky. All the other songs been quite simple after a couple tries. Overall I would say fun week!!!
  8. @ GeoAbraxas Yes Yes, Makes sense... didn't do it in the first place since I had no time to play alot and just wanted to give it a quick shot. ^-^
  9. Didn't have enough time yet to put on some scores on the other songs. Will do it the other days! Aswell trying to improve on The Tower
  10. @Mikson That's alright Am I allowed to still post the scores of the other songs ? I would do that just kinda as a challange for me!
  11. Happy Birthday Lilumina!

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