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  1. weird... not my cup of tea: cool song, easy but not boring: I love this one... And this one is quite difficult because of skipping between strings, which is always a challenge for me
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  2. I played this twice on the bass. First - played with pick: Second - played with fingers: Fingers vs pick 1-0
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  3. Some Rhythm: Nice, but I think the chart was exactly like on Lead.
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  4. @Mikson @Hyphema Sorry about that. This is my first time starting a new week and I neglected to post a time warning in this thread, which I absolutely should have done. I think the deadline is supposed to be between 6pm and 8pm CET. In any case, next time I will post a warning ahead of time.
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  5. Arch Echo- Earthshine All their songs are perfect so be sure to check out the others
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