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  2. First come my class screens: 1) Lead - as I said before I suck in lead 2) Rhythm - man... I hate this song from now on. well, it is kind of OK when I listen to it, but playing it is not a nice experience. It is boring and general not fun IMHO. Played it 3 times. 1st to check, 2nd for a record and 3rd as i missed fricking print screen after 2nd pass... I will not even bother to try to get better result. File deleted. 3) Bass - nice one it is to play. And now played for fun: This one is really fun to play And this one even bigger fun... I love fast strumming And also bass
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  3. My best before the game crashed... could probably do other runs
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  5. @Rodman I finally got some time to record my version of Heaven's on Fire. This one turned out to be really fun! Usually I record each part until I get a good take. This time I took a different approach this time and recorded it in sections. I got a drum track from Band in a Box, then I recorded the first verse on guitar, then recorded the vocals for it, and for some recorded a vocal "chorus" an octave higher. Then I did the same for the next section and so on. I put the solo in last, I fear it is just random flailing. I tried to tease around the resolving note and let it ring out at the end of the solo. Not sure how successful I was. I watched a video about fixing up vocals that the guy broke it up in sections, so I thought I would try that approach for my recording. The idea was that I would try to use an auto-tune plugin on it, but honestly it didn't make me sound much better, so I ditched it. I ended up with a chorus effect and a compressor on the vocals and that was it. I took a screenshot of the DAW for the video still, I wasn't feeling creative photographing the guitar, so I thought it interesting. I'm using Cakewalk which is now free.
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  6. Your _p.psarc is just the file extension of the custom dlc's (songs) you will download from here if you are using Rocksmith on a PC. Your dlc folder is where you will place all of your custom dlc's and is found in your Rocksmith2014 directory Usually C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/Rocksmith2014 or where ever you installed Rocksmith. Video guide: How to use CDLC (PC) http://customsforge.com/topic/938-video-guide-how-to-use-cdlc-pc/?do=findComment&comment=4007
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