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So ive gotten passed my problem with the xml, now i need different arrangement tunings.. i looked at another topic with a similiar problem in this forum but it didn't help. I need my lead to be a custom tuning, rhythm Drop D tuning, and bass Drop D, when i set lead to a custom tuning it sets all my arrangements (even bass) as custom tuning. I need it specifically for lead but i don't know how this works. I've gone to EOF already and changed each tuning to what i wanted them to be but it doesn't make any difference. Really need some help

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Tuning are set for each arrangement in the toolkit, changing it for one will never change the tuning for the other.


If the tuning are correct for each arrangement in EOF, just delete and add again each arrangement in the toolkit and everything should work as expected.

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nunezbg is correct.


I was going to start a new thread but glad I found this.  It is a problem with the toolkit as you can generate errors without going near the game.


I was going to type..


I got a great custom ready, I just can't pack it up all in one package.

It seems that to get a custom tuning into the game, then you need to "overwrite" the Standard E slot in the toolkit, which permanently messes up the toolkit (until you "reinstall").

This means that, in my case with 1 arrangement custom tuning and 2 arrangements Standard E, either I have to have them all in custom tuning or all in Standard E, I can't seem to mix them up.

I have tried for hours many ways, so some suggestions would be good.

The problem is with the toolkit (not the game) as there is some funny behavior happening only with saving templates with custom tunings (if you use the standard E slot then everything, including saves from completely different songs, in standard E shows as your custom tuning and if you use a different slot (overwrite Open D for example) then it does not save the custom tuning, it calls it standard E.

I didn't want to go on too long as I know it would be confusing (typing out big explanations).

Basically, I want to make a custom with lead as a custom tuning (EADGBd), but the rhythm and bass as standard E.  If anyone knows how to do that (don't guess I've been at this hours and it's real nippy) then please, please tell me.


I think that the problem is that, even with "Add as new tuning" tick boxed, it is not generating a new tuning - it is overwriting an existing one.  Which really messes up the toolkit until you "reinstall" it.


It is the same behavior with and

Thanks :D

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Did you do anything particular when you add the arrangement? I'm really curious caus i've done really weird things for the 5 strings bass tuning and never found any problem with custom with 2 to 3 different tuning...

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I am making some progress.  I managed to get my custom tuning appearing in the toolkit (the drop down box) by adding

<TuningDefinition Version="RS2014" Name="EADGBd" UIName="EADGBd" Custom="true">
    <Tuning string0="0" string1="0" string2="0" string3="0" string4="0" string5="-2" />

to RocksmithToolkitLib.TuningDefinition.xml


which is in the toolkit install folder.



I added all arrangements from scratch.


But, when I save the template and reload it, the arrangement with the custom tuning is back to E standard.  Also, the custom tuning is not generated into the package, it shows up as E Standard in game.



What version of the toolkit did you use?


Did you have only custom tunings, or customs with standard tunings?


How did you make the custom tunings?



Thanks for any help man :D


Plan B is to make 2 separate customs, one for rhythm & bass and one for lead.  Not ideal, but it's heading that way...

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