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Is there a way to export eof files to GP?


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Well, I've been working on some songs from scratch in EOF, so I wonder if I could make a gp tab out of them.


I know that GP5 has an option to import xml files, but there's an error that doesn't let me do it. EOF has a lot of import options, but I could'nt find any way to export files from it.


Do you guy have any idea about how to do it?




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The thing is that midi doesn't coutain many important information like bend, string used and i'm not really sure how it handle slides either so it's a partial way of going from eof to gp but it's clearly not perfect and you'll have to make many adjustement in the gp file to make it correct.

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I've thought about adding GP export before, but it would be a lot of work, especially since the GP format expects notes to be properly structured in quarter notes, etc. and EOF allows notes to be authored free-form. Any resulting GP file would be pretty messy unless all notes were grid snapped, and even then it would likely be a rather simplistic representation of the notes.

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Maybe, I may put some more thought into the subject, but I don't know how how strict tabbing programs are regarding the spacing of notes (ie. to import it back into Guitar Pro). Figuring out how to format the tab (how many measures per line, how many characters wide should a line be, etc) could be complicated to. I'd probably have to start with something simple like 4 measures per line and go from there.

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I know that GP5 has an option to import xml files, but there's an error that doesn't let me do it.

The import of XML is musicXML which is different from the EOF XML files.


I've used it from scanned pages as export format to get it into guitar pro. As it's an XML format maybe it's easier to experiment with this  (and not the binary gp format). If there's a possible transformation with it both would be XML and a conversion could be done in both directions.

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