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Charting from scratch?


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I want to chart songs that have no available tab/guitar pro files. Does it make more sense to just create it by scratch in EoF or create a guitar pro file? Any extra tips on the former? The tutorials all seem to assume you have a GP file. Thanks in advance!

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I'd chart it in GP or tux guitar first, easier to actually hear what you are doing with the various midi sounds, then once you're done you can also add to the online community further by sharing the gp files with sites like ultimate guitar etc...


Plus it's easier to recreate the work if necessary later by importing the tab than having to start over from scratch in EoF


I've just finished transposing a bass tab into GP6 and will probably share that back to the community now.

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Writting a tab is a pain in the ass whatever tool you use i prefer to do it with GP for multiple reason and mostly because it is actually made for this and works like a charm but EOF can work for this too.

You have to know that you need a perfect beat map in EOF to chart directly in it or it will be a hell of a time to get all things right and since i see many people struggling with beat i seriously think GP is the way to go since all you need is put an approximate bpm then correct everything in EOF according to the song.

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First get the beat map synced in EOF using this process: http://customsforge.com/topic/2393-how-to-get-beat-map/


Then in EOF press F5 to see the wavelength and chart all notes/chords in Amazing difficulty. No matter what you do it will still take a while, but it should be easier with accurate beat markers.

Always check and use -> The latest Toolkit builds


To disable dynamic difficulty and not get the 100% accuracy bug don't use the override to max option, but instead disable DD and set sight reading level to Max. With this configuration the 100% bug does not surface.

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If you're tabbing from scratch, using a program dedicated to that purpose is probably better in the long run because they have better MIDI playback, etc. If you already have tabs, it's probably a similar amount of work to use it to create a GP file or enter it into EOF. Then as others mentioned, the difference only matters if you want a Guitar Pro file to keep or share.

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When I first started I charted from scratch in EoF using tab books.  I just thought that there was far too much to take in at once (EoF, Guitar Pro, toolkits, Wwise, tones, even Paint.net) and importing a GP file then seeing a thousand coloured gems just complicates matters even more.


I think that EoF is where you need to spend most of your time, I am a million times faster now I know a lot of tricks and keyboards shortcuts - and you won't learn those unless you are inside EoF using them.


It's more difficult because you don't know what is actually possible in EoF.


I would start in EoF, try to make some kind of beat map, then build the song up in parts - basic chords, test, basic chords with repeat boxes, test, basic chords with a guitar solo, test...  test, test, test...  you need to see what consequences happen in game because of the actions you take in EoF.



I am really surprised now how quickly I can work in EoF, it's just a big copy and paste session.  But, like TimeIsFading says, you need a beat map to copy paste over so do that first.  Most songs repeat, let's face it.  So if a song is a chord structure of 4 chords, repeated 8 times, then a chorus, then the same 4 chords repeated another 4 times, then another chorus...  then you only need to program the 4 chords once, then copy/paste.  Program the chorus once, then copy paste.


But you need the beat map to copy/paste over...  so important!



Obviously, some people dive straight in and start working with GP files straight away.  I wouldn't, unless it's a song you know really well and can play it outside of Rocksmith anyway.  Even then I'd only use one arrangement at first (bass, lead), then try to add the rest later.

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