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Aludog's Big Bad Blues (Rock) Project


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Hi guys, I think it's about time that I open up another big project because… :huh: well just because I can. B) I really got into Blues lately, more so than usual, and I thought to myself: well, where's all the good stuff? There really should be more great Blues and Blues Rock in RS. So I went online looking for tabs and songbooks of artists that would fit the bill. Along the way I discovered some great new musicians and bands that I didn't even knew before, so that's certainly a plus but I also found a lot of great tabs that I can use to get some of the most epic Blues and Blues Rock songs into the game. As usual the bass is either missing or wrong but that's something I can easily fix, thankfully, but the guitar, at least in most of the song books, is tabbed very accurately and something I can rely on heavily, which I do in fact, because I am happy if I can play at least a third of those crazy licks and riffs. :cry: Well, anyway. Below there's list with all the artists and the respective tracks I want to bring into RS but of course this is not final in any way. I may change my mind anytime of the day and if any of you are interested in doing one or the other, I'll be happy to give you all the materials I have and may support you with the bass tab. Also, if there's anything really good missing that you would like to see, then let me know. I'd love to find even more great artists and tracks to satisfy my bluesy longings. :lol: P.S.: I won't do the big three: Clapton, Hendrix and Vaughan because there's already quite a few of their tracks available and I actually prefer to bring lesser known or already forgotten blues masters into the game.



Allman Brothers Band


In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed - Done by GTLO

Trouble No More

Statesboro Blues

Stormy Monday


B.B. King


Chains And Things - Done

King's Special

So Excited

I Want You So Bad

Get Off My Back Woman


Buddy Guy




Blue Condition - Done

Strange Brew - Done


Fleetwood Mac (with Peter Green)


Jigsaw Puzzle Blues

I Loved Another Woman

Man Of The World


Gary Moore


As The Years Go Passing By

Texas Strut


Janis Joplin


Move Over

Buried Alive In The Blues - Done


John Lee Hooker


The Healer


John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers


The Supernatural - Done

Steppin' Out 


Johnny Winter


I'm Yours And I'm Hers

Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo


Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band


Shotgun Blues


Muddy Waters


Still A Fool


Peter Green


Robin Trower


Day Of The Eagle - Done

Bridge Of Sighs/In This Place


Rory Gallagher



Walk On Hot Coals

Do You Read Me?

I Fall Apart




Desperation - Done


Taste (with Rory Gallagher)


Blister On The Moon

Same Old Story - Done

What's Going On?

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I appreciate your efforts, including your future efforts. :mad:


Here's some from my requests list that you might wish to consider:

Buddy Guy - Damn Right I've Got the Blues

Elmore James - Dust My Broom

Junior Wells with Buddy Guy - Messin' With Kid

Freddie King - The Stumble

John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom

Albert Collins - Frosty

George Thorogood - Bad to the Bone

Otis Rush - All Your Love

Fleetwood Mac - Albatross


But I'll be happy with any you post from your own list!

 Thanks man. I certainly appreciate your input and will take a look at those. If I can find tabs, I'll be glad to work on some if not all of them some time.

I see you're missing Robert Johnson, you should do a few of his, as he helped pioneer it.

You're correct. I probably should but because of the age the audio quality of his recordings is really bad at times and he always played solo, so there's no bass and in most cases I prefer to have songs with bass for a better RS experience. Nonetheless, I can probably squeeze out at least one track, so I just have to find one that will work nicely.
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This is the best thread on this entire site...look at that list of blues songs!   :shock:  :eek:  :wub:  :D



 Aludog:   in most cases I prefer to have songs with bass for a better RS experience.







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Thanks. I just hope more people feel the same way, so that maybe one or the other comes around and helps me out. Otherwise this will take a long time to finish. ;) Well, I try to at least put out a song every week or so but I don't have the time to do more than that atm.

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Here's a few more to consider:


Junior Kimbrough

  • Meet Me in the City
  • Do the Rump

RL Burnside

  • Poor Black Mattie
  • Jumper on the Line

Howlin' Wolf

  • Evil
  • Smokestack Lightning
  • Howlin' for My Baby

Hound Dog Taylor

  • anything he's ever done

Lightnin' Hopkins

  • Baby Please Don't Go


EDIT:  Also, I've got Dust My Broom by Elmore James about half finished.

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Hey guys, "Desperation" by Steppenwolf is now up:



Not really blues tbh but through the use of a lot of blue notes, this has at least a tinge of blue. It was on my list for a while now, so I just took the opportunity and made it. Not sure what's next though.

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Don't worry abou tabs. I have the Hal Leonard Anthology with all of their songs (even the Mountain Jam is almost tabbed out fully, apart from one solo), so I can do every song released by them. I would only have to transcribe the bass myself, which should be possible for me in almost all cases.

So, I'll consider your choices. Thanks for the input.

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I dont know if this project is dead I just found this thread when searching for blues songs.  I would recommend some Warren Haynes (he joined the allman brothers in the early 90's)  He has his own band Gov't Mule they are very blues rock with a little jazz mixed in.  If you are interested in doing any cdlc I can upload all my music books to pdf.  

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