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  1. Loving it, so far - keep 'em coming! And thanks!
  2. Looking forward to those R.E.M. tracks if you're still working on them!
  3. If you want to try a bargain yet decent guitar, you could try one of these Chinese Fender knock-off's from Monoprice: http://www.monoprice.com/Product?p_id=610102 I bought one just to give it a try and it's been a real gem. Setup wasn't bad out of the box, but it was great after a professional setup. Have someone who plays (friend or a guitar tech/luthier) look it over for you and send it back if you don't like it. Impossible to beat for $70 + ship. A friend who gigs insists on playing this guitar now over my Epi Les Paul Pro when he comes over for RS.
  4. A lot of insightful comments here. Having played some campfire guitar before, I've been playing bass for about a year now (about 70% in RS vs 30% jamming with a friend on guitar) and to date I've found bass to be much easier (caveats about high scores vs. capturing the nuance noted). I've played a number of band/orchestra instruments for 20+ years, and the (primarily) single note nature of the bass has made it easy to transfer a lot of my existing musical knowledge. I "get" guitar parts, but I don't "feel" them the way I do with a bass line. Bass just seems to flow, limited only by my technical ability. I've often wondered if guitar would be easier had I played piano or another multi-tonal instrument. Any thoughts?
  5. Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X_2IdybTV0
  6. Amazing community effort - this is what the damn internet is all about :) Thanks again to Unleashed, the Mods, all the top-notch Magna Charters, coders and other contributors. You rock this house!
  7. b03bber - I like your description of RS focusing on the fret hand vs. BS focusing on the pick hand. Never thought of it quite like that. I had hopes for both, initially, but the RS interface was so much more intuitive for me. Probably due to all the RB I played. BTW, two major reasons for upgrading to RS2014 (if you don't want/need all the lessons or session mode) are the ability to set the difficulty level of the song wherever you want it from the beginning, and all the amazing new cdlc that this site is cranking out. I hated having to level up a song in RS2012 or forcing a guest to do so when they came over to play. No crowd to play to, but it's straight to the music - no waiting to level up a song. That alone was worth the money.
  8. Scales are great for more advanced soloing, but I would start with a catchy riff like the lead from Smoke on the Water and work from there. If you have the music background for it, you could flesh out a basic chord progression to go with (or take one from a song you know), but you don't really need to. Just get the basic riff down, enter session mode, and play the main riff a few times to let the band know what you're doing. You'll know when they've got it down. Then try a variation on the riff, repeat the original version, try another variation and so on. Just keep referring back to the main riff on a regular basis so the band doesn't get lost. My typical settings are - Root: E A or D, Mode: Pentatonic Maj or min, Complexity: jam, Tempo: 90 bpm, Groove: pushed, Slew: on, Room: club. I'm not a great guitar/bass player by any means, but this gives me the freedom to noodle around a bit with enough structure to make it productive/decent sounding. When you get comfortable doing this, it's even more fun playing with a friend, trading the lead between two guitars or guitar/bass. I've had some great sessions where we've worked up entire songs starting with just a lead riff and basic chord progression. I just wish RS would let you record and export your sessions. That's my suggestion. Maybe some others will chime in. Good luck with it and let us know how it goes.
  9. Donated a total of $25 so far. If you run short, I'll put in more. Awesome job getting this site going! Awesome job by all the CDLC contributors! You guys rock!
  10. Wow - gone from Smithy for a month and how the world changes. Thanks so much for your work in keeping the dream alive here!
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