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  1. Too excited to play. Couldn't find the official thread so I'm just gonna grab the non DD. I'm really happy that you released it, thank you! EDIT: Just played through it, it's really really good, thanks again!
  2. It's been 2 weeks, I'm posting here to make sure he doesn't die again.
  3. Whoa, didn't see this, apologies! I know most of their stuff is on keyboard, but it can be transposed, no? Hope to see the song soon, I'm excited again! Maybe NSP will see the light of day yet...
  4. Sorry, double post, not sure how to remove this one.
  5. A small request: Eric Clapton just released a cover of an old JJ Cale song called "They Call Me the Breeze", and it's as bluesy as you might want. I can't find a single tab or how to video for it, only the Lynrd Skynrd version, which is not as good.
  6. Still waiting for some activity to happen regarding this.
  7. Is anyone planning on working on RTL?
  8. Thanks for all you're doing/planning to do! If you plan on doing more, would a video of someone performing a cover/solo of a NSP song suffice? or would you need a tab?
  9. I see you're missing Robert Johnson, you should do a few of his, as he helped pioneer it.
  10. Hey there! Would anyone be willing to give Ride the Lightning a shot? I was told that someone has done it but pulled the files.
  11. Actually, that would be great! I have access to tabs, chords, and videos of NSP songs but I have no idea as to how to chart them. Unicorn Wizard is a great song!
  12. I'm just wondering if there are any fans of a band called Ninja Sex Party on this forum? They're electronic, but they sound like they could be tabbed out into melodies. But anyway, any fans? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs7yDP7KWrh0wd_4qbDP32g
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