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  1. @sstrelok @Sigel Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it !
  2. Recently, I've bought the official "Bundle Guitar Tab" from Polyphia and I have the tabs of all Polyphia songs. So I want to chart the discography of them. Thanks a lot to @SeanKR for send me the "Bass Bundle Tab". Here the list of the chart I made (if the song is not crossed out, it's available and click on it for downoad it) : Resurrect - EP (2011) : -A Voice of Entropy -Resurrect -The Seperation Of -An Evaporation -Full EP Inspire - EP (2013) : -Ignite -Persevere (feat. Aaron Marshall) -Inspire - Transcend -Impassion -Full EP Envision (feat. Rick Graham) - Single (2013) : -Envision (feat. Rick Graham) Muse (2014) : -87 -Sweet Tea (feat. Aaron Marshall) -Champagne (feat. Nick Johnston) -Aviator (feat. Jason Richardson) -The Jungle (feat. Jakub Zytecki) -Memory -Mood Swing -Hourglass (feat. Nick Sampson) -James Franco -Baditude (feat. Mario Camarena & Erick Hansel) -Finale -Full Album Renaissance (2016) : -Culture Shock -Light -Florence -Nightmare -Storm -Bittersweet -Symmetry -Ivory -Paradise -Amour -Crush -Euphoria -Full Album LIT - Single (2017) : -LIT The Most Hated - EP (2017) : -Loud -Ironic -Goose -40Oz -Crosty -The Worst -Full EP New Levels New Devils (2018) : -Nasty (feat. Jason Richardson) -O.D. -Death Note (feat. Ichika) -Bad -Drown (feat. Mateus Asato) -Saucy -Yas (feat. Mario Camarena & Erick Hansel) -So Strange (feat. Cuco) -Rich Kids (feat. Yvette Young -G.O.A.T. -Full Album Look but Don't Touch (feat. Lewis Grant) - Single (2019) : -Look but Don't Touch (feat. Lewis Grant) I hope you will enjoy my charts !
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