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TomSawyer2112's cDLC projets


My list of work in progress   

44 members have voted

  1. 1. Which pikes would you like to play ?

    • Bucketheadland - Jowls
    • Bucketheadland - Mosquito on Stilts
    • Bucketheadland - All in the Waiting
    • Bucketheadland - Spell of the Gypsies
    • Bucketheadland - Watching the Boats with my Dad
    • Bucketheadland - Sun Heart
    • Bucketheadland - Omega Wing
    • Bucketheadland - Explorer Twin

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Here are some of my projects,

Some may never see the light of Rocksmith,

if I get stuck too long.


Currently postponed 


Bucketheadland -

  1. Witches on the Heath
  2. Trading Post
  3. Colma
  4. Homing Beacon
  5. Beware of the Holding Funnel
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Yes, I rearranged the files when I removed the ones I've finished,

but the votes stayed at the same place, there weren't so many...


So your vote finished at the first place, unwillingly now for Buckethead.

(maybe you ask the admin to make it possible to move the files of a poll with the votes)


I know BIG B is not your kind of stuff, but while waiting,

maybe you should check my cDLC of his tracks, lot of clean playable acoustics,

not the metal shredder he is known for.

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I checked back on Spooky, and gathered what tabs and video's are around, there are only txt charts, variations of similar chords, I would have to manually fill them in, which is a different tedious work, if anybody has a powertab, or guitarpro tab, tell me, thanks.

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could you do rime of the ancient mariner as the custom is mostly a rb3 chart and it is rubish 

I'm not into Iron Maiden, but some excellent charters did some.

Please ask Nacholede, he likes to redo his own versions,

or Bernixx, Brooklyn_Sounds are trusty charters

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Just wanted to thank you for all the new Buckethead tracks!


Any chance you will ever get to "Lone Sal Bug" from the Colma album? I had requested it a couple years back and the guy that was doing Buckethead songs was going to do it but ended up not making CDLC's anymore.

I'll look into that track, this week, it was in my list anyway, but the tabs are not from Bucketfel, so I have to check accuracy

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What about The Left Panel - Buckethead ? Though it's a 19 min track :huh:


For now I only make cDLC with (good) tabs available, there are still about a hundred in the waiting,

unluckily the left panel hasn't

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Dear TomSawyer2112,


Do you plan to do Buckethead - Disintegration Mirror (Pike #51) , Waiting Hare (Enter the Chicken).



BTW Thank you so much for sharing a lot of Buckethead tracks, I've been study most of the tracks from CF that created by you and it really boost my shred skills, 1 year alone I can feel how much different compare to me last year.


Thanks a lot Tom, you the mann, hopefully we get in-touch with some of my cover video soon, cheers


(Now Im starting to go for John5 route as well, very interesting virtuoso)

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