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  1. Just wanted to thank you for all the new Buckethead tracks! Any chance you will ever get to "Lone Sal Bug" from the Colma album? I had requested it a couple years back and the guy that was doing Buckethead songs was going to do it but ended up not making CDLC's anymore.
  2. Awesome, thank you so much! Will check it out as soon as I can.
  3. Very nice BH list. You're the best! Could you possibly add Lone Sal Bug to this list from the album Colma? That would be another amazing addition. Great work bud. Can't wait for Dawn Appears as well!
  4. Really nice, thanks! Lone Sal Bug from the Colma album could be a real nice one to play too. He has so many good songs that's it's really hard to pick and choose since they're all master pieces!
  5. Can't wait for this awesome song, thank you so much! Plenty of other amazing BH songs to play in the mean time though thanks to you. :D
  6. I love all of your Buckethead releases and just wanted to give you a big thank you for all your hard work. With that said, I'm still hoping you can do Dawn Appears from the album A Diamond in the Rough. I check here every day in hopes that it's being worked on. Thanks again!
  7. I've seen this same exact skin on a thousand other IP Boards. The least you could have done was customize it a bit instead of looking like every other IP Board on the planet. You have over 20k members and it is very unprofessional to use a cookie cutter theme that cost you under $30 that a million other people have. Do yourself a favor and invest in a custom theme.
  8. Please do more relaxing Buckethead songs, especially the song "Dawn Appears". Really any songs from the albums "A Diamond in the Rough", "Captain Eo's Voyage", etc... I like his softer side far more than the thrashing side and they are way more fun to play and listen to! Thanks!
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