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  1. could you do rime of the ancient mariner as the custom is mostly a rb3 chart and it is rubish
  2. so you can get stems from recording i hope someone can rip them soon
  3. rock band customs has found a way to get the stems for one of the bandfuse songs
  4. so will you be doing rime redo?
  5. You have to unpack the DLC first with "SNG to XML" checked to generate the missing XML files... ok i will try that and thank you
  6. with dd remover it won't work on real dlc, as i want to get the chart and the tempo so i can make a chart for rock band and guitar hero
  7. so does all bandfuse songs have stems like getting the stems for Infected would be fun so then i could make a custom of it
  8. also when i press it it does nothing but when i press one of the other recommend it works but the custom does work
  9. it comes up in the recommend part when you press a song and it is a song i'm working on
  10. so can you have more then 4 tone changes as i had a bit with the same name in editor on fire but it worked the first time but it did not work the 2 end time
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