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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 34


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@ That's a great score (especially considering you just started bass a few weeks ago, it took me months before I could play that well!). I have trouble with that fast section too, having to stretch your fingers that much without missing a beat isn't easy! 

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Its so nice to see that another song of mine was picked for championship :) Unfortunately i cant join you right now, cause im sick in bed. :( Also i tried to learn full steam spacemachine couple of months ago, and its goddamned fast :D

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Intermediate Lead - 88%, 54 streak


There are some crazy chords and it's fast, little too fast.


I have bass on my way, so you have to wait for that score :P

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@@Mortalo don't worry, you're a nice douche :)

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Why is it impossible to remove DD from Full steam?  I need my easy score attack. :-P


I really need to work in RR with that starting riff.  Its to damned fast for me. But i am starting to get along with the rest of the song.



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@@Thrallsa This score insane! Competition  with Thrallsa, similar competition  with 100%  Or you will can get 100%, or you loose. :)


@@MaZtoR Try to use RocksmithToolKit for remove DD.


I reached the my goal :


And up Rhythm:


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Non-dd version very handy. Even better would be a walkthrough on how to remove DD. :)




Ok.. Spotted how to remove DD for INT song..

I get the same error with either 2.5 or 2.6.


"Error. The XML file already contains more than one level of difficulty (count = 11) and transcriptionTaxk tag is empty"


Guess I'll have to try without DD then!  :)

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Taking the songs one at a time this week. Hope i find the time. I really like all three songs this week. Well here is the first one. Hope i can match @ scores on the other ones. I guess the Bass battle is on again this week. Good scores all.


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Slight update - after a few annoying DD orange bar issues (grrrr)....

I am beginning to hate DD.....


Anyway, INT Lead.

84% accuracy, 80 streak..


@@Shiroo.. the Non-DD version seems to be completely different to the v1.5 - at least for Lead!



Removed pic (have beaten the score) to remove clutter!  :)

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Slight improvement.. 90%+ should be fine..  :)


INT Lead

88% accuracy with 91 streak..





Also INT Rhythm


82% accuracy with 62 streak. :)

Can do better, some of those easy chords were not recognised..  :(

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This MC songs is really cool but damn some part are a pain to play correctly... And the rhythm part being only the lead part with the solo being the octave down does not make it easier...

Lead 86% and 108 streak


Rhythm 88% and 73 streak


Bass 98.29% and 362 streak


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Well here goes my first entry. I've been playing since January and have been progressing slowly, although I've come on leaps and bounds in the past month since I finished my first year at Uni.


I got 95.5% on Wanderer, really fun song to play and the solo is brilliant, too bad I struggle going 8-7-8-12-8-7-8 otherwise I'd hit every note in it. Messed up a couple of sections but I got 97.2% earlier, maybe I'll get up to 98% in a couple of days :smile:




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@@storm20200 Welcome to the championships great score there, If the beginner song seems to simple please feel free to try intermediate and MC as this will help you gauge where you are difficulty wise. Hope to see more scores from you. Great job. 

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