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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 32


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Nice scores! the outro solo is a pain in the ass...i'll see if i can beat my score...i don't think so, i'm not Marty Friedman hahahaha


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@@Nacholede Very impressive score for Megadeth. Great to see some more MC players joining in. I hope more people join you in playing the MC song as man that song is way too hard for me. 

Other one that is hard for me is Hangar 18. The solos are REALLY hard, i got 80% on that one but well...RIP is a masterpiece and has hard solos! 


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So ok, here's the results:

Intermediate Lead - 81%, 140 streak:


I tuned really well, that was fun :) Everybody loves Japan :D


No rhythm today, I simply forgot about it and I was tuned back for Cranberries already, so next time.


I said Cranberries? Yes, I did! Zombie is a heck of a song and I'm still begginer at bass:

Begginer Bass - 99.88%, 669 streak:


ONE note. ONE note! I tried to get 100% but it looks like I'm missing notes at random. Maybe that's because I'm on emulated bass. Or maybe because I never felt rhythm too well. Months with Guitar Hero improved my ear but there is still some place for improvement. Nonetheless I will try to get this 100% as it's not far away...

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@@Mortalo don't worry, you're a nice douche :)

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an updated score for Babymetal 




If the tuning wasn't in D Drop C I could probably score much better but I always end up missing a lot of notes when I have to do anything near the first fret with the Low E string. Will keep trying but its frustrating when you know you're hitting the right notes and Rocksmith doesn't register them. 

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@ try using with your thumb in the first bunch, the strings on the fred to press and individually to pull with the other hand the strings to the top. Thus you stretch the strings and the guitar stays in tuning. For me it was good


wtf hope u can read this crap google translate :)


Here my new Guitar the Ibanez

I have the tremolo disabled works better for me and i dont need it :)



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Hahaaaaa another song of mine picked. :P hope megitsune works well for you. I will be uploading my score tomorrow. Really looking forward.;)

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