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Recommended CDLC for good melodic leads and solo tracks?



I'm getting bored of playing the same songs in my library. I've kinda learnt them, but there are limitations to my sight reading. I got 91% on Through the Fire and Flames lead. 87% on For The Love of God lead. I'm looking for new songs to play. And maybe to be introduced to some bands or game soundtracks. 

But the more melodic sort of leads I'm looking for are songs like those, but also something like, Jazz. I don't mind Rhythms being inbetween. I'll try to make examples of songs I enjoy playing.

Persona - Jolly Roger

Persona 5 Royal - Ideal and Real

Persona 5 - When Mother Was There

Steve Vai - Building The Church, Crying Machine.

Sylosis - every song ever (But there's not a CDLC for every song so far, I've played every song available)

Plini - most songs, depends on complexity. I enjoy playing Selenium forest. 

Architects - most songs. I love the more lead oriented ones, or the rhythms that feel melodic. Such as Castles in the Sky, or Doomsday, or Gravedigger. 

Scale The Summit - Most songs, but mainly something like City in the Sky.

Death - Misanthrope, Without Judgement, 

I can also tolerate anime songs, like Chase from the JoJo part 4 soundtrack, or that uh, one song in Stardust Crusaders? Can't remember the name off the top of my head. But no super ayaya like Hatsune Miku. There's very few vocaloid songs I can actually tolerate. 


Hard to list all songs and bands because there's many with good examples, but there's quite a few. I prefer instrumentals and especially non-vocal songs, but I can tolerate them. I like moving around the fretboard a lot, those are just tons of fun. Unless it's Fountainhead Obscura, then monkaW, sell all my guitars. I'd describe myself as a normal guitarist I guess. I got all the basics of everything, can play most solos and lead arrangements. But not all. I don't really have a preferred genre, but I can't stand bad mixing which includes bass being louder than the entire song, or maybe just a CDLC issue where the tones don't work or are too loud/too quiet. 

I'm open to all sorts of suggestions. If this sort of post isn't allowed here, remove it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. 


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I know nothing about jazz,  But I downloaded some of your favorites and really enjoyed playing them. So thanks for that.

Here is a mix of different styles with melodic leads you can try.


Skyclad - One Piece puzzle

Buckethead - track 1

Roxette - Listen to your hearth

Amorphis - Under the red cloud.  (or most of their other songs)

Wayne Lytle - Future retro

Iron maiden - Ghost of the navigator

Toto - Devil's tower

Iced Earth - Watching over me

Taylor swift - You belong with me

Ghost - Cirice

Monster Truck - Don't tell me how to live


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