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  1. Nevermind. I think turning off G-sync in Nvidia Control Panel then restarting my PC fixed it? That's what I did anyway.
  2. I'll have to show a video. I tried all that but it didn't work. The hotfix actually made me unable to click anything. I've also tried using a backup of EOF, which I am using now, but it has the same problem. bandicam 2021-09-16 07-48-09-150.mp4
  3. I recently had to reinstall Windows on my PC because of a bug with the registry not picking up a corrupt registry key. Of course I had to reinstall EOF. But there is a problem now, even with a backup of my original settings. It's really laggy, and the interface keeps flashing and not working occasionally, as in when I click somewhere, it doesn't register as a click. I have no idea what the problem is. It's also begun asking me if I want to import voices from tabs? Doesn't seem normal. PC Specs should be irrelevant given how ancient this software looks. I have a Ryzen 5800x, and 32GB Ram @3600mhz 4x8GB. Also, the latest hotfix download link is down. It gets a 404 error for me.
  4. I just found out this was a CDLC, but it doesn't exist on the database. Anyone know what happened to it? Found out about it played by Chainbrain here:
  5. I don't know what to do? I've not gotten any answers from anyone. When Rocksmith 2014 launches, it takes 2 minutes for some reason because of a white screen start up. When I'm in game though, if I alt tab, it white screens, remains windowed (despite formerly being fullscreen), and refuses to resume back to the normal screen. I have an RTX 3070 and a Ryzen 5800X, 32 GB RAM (4x8 GB @3600Mhz) running on a Samsung 970 Evo Plus. This shouldn't be happening. I have no idea how to fix it. I used to have this issue on my old PC, before I got this new one, and I can't remember how I fixed it. All the solutions I could find didn't work properly. RTSK is bloatware as far as I'm aware, because it doesn't actually modify the game. It's not the compatability mode. It's not the audio settings. I tried running it in Windowed mode, but for some reason, it has the window bar at the top, which triggers my OCD so hard.
  6. (I was formerly known as SuperSonic. Been meaning to get a name change for a while)

    Moving on. 

    Welp. I think this is it for me. I find myself increasingly bored of playing Rocksmith 2014. For some reason, even though I have autism, routine just isn't that fun for me. I have this issue with everything else I do in life. It might need to be something I need to get checked out.

    That aside, I wanted to announce that I'm sort of done with Rocksmith 2014 for a while? I think I'll try to keep playing. The problem is, the game runs like shit on my new PC. 

    Here are the specs for my new PC:

    Case: Corsair 4000D Airflow
    PSU: Corsair TXM 650W Semi Modular
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
    CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro H100x
    Motherboard: ASUS Tuf Gaming B550-Plus
    RAM: 32 GB Corsair Vengance (4x8GB sticks, 3600Mhz)
    Primary Storage (Windows 10 installed): 1TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus. 
    Additional Storage Drives: Seagate Barracuda 2TB, Samsung Evo 860, Toshiba External HDD (2TB), 
    Video Card: GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce RTX 3070 Master

    It just keeps white screening on launch, with no suggestions or fixes really working. When I alt tab, it will white screen and stay like that forever. The screen also gets stuck when it does this, which in this case, would warrant the game being considered some sort of virus I guess. It shouldn't be doing that. And that isn't the worst thing though. I've simply run out of music to play.

    Music drought

    I've done my best to find new music. I have a CDLC library of over 1700 songs. About 700 of which are favorited. I've listened to tens of thousands of songs, and have quite a few in my MP3 Playlist of music. Apparently 9900 songs according to File Explorer, with the most coming from Falcom Sound Team. The only few songs I've found fun to play on guitar recently are Sylosis. And everything else is just, meh. I also like songs that are solo-y, like Steve Vai. I'm bored. I like songs that move around or have a big kick. 

    To address the point I might hear in response to this. I would make more CDLC, and tab more songs. I just don't have the time. If maybe someone can figure out a way to give me 2 hours of sleep and be energetic, then I would probably find time to do that. Currently, I can't. I can't really be bothered. And I need to learn more. I don't know enough music theory, I don't know tones at all. 

    What I might do instead

    I also have other hobbies to pursue, such as gaming, music, art, writing, ethics and activism. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx7EGZD_iyKzWP_kgveSMTQ https://www.deviantart.com/eeveeone I was kind of bought up to be selfish, but I broke out from that. It just isn't me. I want to do things that can benefit others in a positive way. That can make a big impact. Of course I still want to play electric guitar and bass. But I don't want to be a God at either. I just want to be decent, so I can make better music. 

    If I had to say what my main goal would be, it would probably be music. I have this dream of making a band about some of my other passions, and creating a new genre. I'll call it Djazz. Though it's sorta already half been done by Animals As Leaders, I think it would be an interesting concept. I also want to use inspirations like Demetori and Linkin Park to sorta make music. It depends. My goal isn't to rush out music and make a profit, it's to make good music. Current situation makes it difficult since I can't play my own instruments let alone compose and produce properly. But I'll have to make do. I get the gist of it. 

    Small rant about the community

    Something to say about the site. I don't really have anything against people, but it gets kinda annoying when someone releases an entire CDLC, one that I have tabbed out myself might I add, with a single arrangement or little to no variation on them. Where someone could literally just say "Hey, I made a tone" or "I added an arrangement, if you could update this." It's instead "I'ma reupload this." it feels really anti-social. Yet, I'm the one with social anxiety, and I have previously collaberated with others based on their profile status (When they last visited that is. Some people have made just one or two CDLC's and left)


    Also, some additional feedback for this site and the tools.

    CustomsForge: Favorites option for certain database entries like Bands/Artist, or Album, or Song Title, or Year. Something that can help people find music they like, or be notified when a new song comes out that they may have missed, since a lot of users update/upload daily. Let's say I have the band Architects favorited. I should now receive notifications of (And customizable via updated and or added) Architects CDLC. It's a great quality of life. 

    EOF: Just scrap it. This, alongside Toolkit, has been the most frustrating software I've had to work with at times. EOF is just everything I hate about software. It's old, it's outdated, there's no way to view keyboard shortcuts. There needs to be a new interface creator for Rocksmith. If anyone's ever seen that developer video the guys at Ubisoft San Fransisco made, you could see one of the developers using their software. It's decked out. It has everything on it. Everything EOF has except for that grey box below. Replaced with a toolbar I think. I don't like the lack of customizability in EOF. I hate that the jump to end/start buttons are right next to the fast forward and fast backward buttons. And the interface can be really buggy at times too. I remember before, quite a few times, I'd drag the start point of the note highway, and whilst it was dragging, it would magically change the BPM and make that beat tiny, and also happen to other bars. There's also that bug with not being able to calculate /16 Time Signatures in repeats, and alternate repeats not existing. Also, it's third party software. It's not gonna be that great anyway based on that grounding. It was designed for guitar hero first if I'm not mistaken.

    Toolkit: Remove the requirement for an older version of Wwise, or at least make a working link that is accessible for creators to download the older version of Wwise. Errors should also try to show what happened in a simpler way rather than lines of folder destinations. Also, a nice quality of life feature would be to do with the volumes. There should be an example preview, which is what we should hear in game as the volume. So it's up to the creators to fix that volume. Volume has always been an issue in CDLC since every audio rip is different. 


    TL:DR: I'm pursuing other hobbies and will be spending a lot less time on Rocksmith 2014 and CDLC as a whole. Tabs will be extremely rare, and CDLCs still rare. Depends on the music I find. 

  7. Can't remember if anyone requested it or if it appeared on the database then got removed. I will be working on making a CLDC for Sylosis - Appirations. Honestly surprised nobody had made it yet. It's such a good song. There is a tab for it as well. Two even. Usually when there's CDLC for a song, it's because the tab is scuffed or something. Usually a simple fix, or it can be a Periphery RACECAR situation, where it's so big, you almost lose your sanity editing it. I'm seriously not sure how I made that CDLC. 

    Also, I'm currently working on reworking Demetori - View of the River Styx. Where a bunch of notes have been corrected, and it should be more playable and sound like the original. Done the leads, almost finished with Rhythm. 

  8. Rework for Demetori Wind God Girl incoming. I finally discovered the issue with that intro. Wrong notes, to put it plain and simply. Person who tabbed it only put the harmony notes there which is... I dunno. But I will be correcting all the mistakes in that tab as best as I can. Meaning it will be easier to play and not this, ass of a riff to play on the high E string. I hate bending on the high E string. So easily broken. 

  9. Just listening to Architects for the first time... Yep. This is epic.

    BTW, if you love Architects, you’ll love Demetori.
  10. Just heard NAPOLEON for the first time... art.

    1. EeveeonE


      Wait, why the Hell is there no CDLC for these guys? They're like Periphery, but better

  11. Well, that was unexpected. World of Warcraft has a 100% XP Boost until the 20th of April. Getting my Alts to 120 (Which will total around 23 characters in total. An extra one for the Demon Hunter I have on another realm). It's crazy. I haven't said this before, but I am vegan. I might as well tell everyone that now. I was vegan before, but I was stupidly thinking that what I was doing wasn't helping anyone, so I quit. Went vegan again a few months ago after seeing the demand increase. Now we're in a situation where we're on lockdown because of a virus that was caused from the exploitation of animals. It sucks that people won't take it seriously, that they (And even myself) are responsible for the deaths and the suffering caused from Coronavirus. People point to China as the problem. But it's not. If the world was vegan, there would be no viruses originating from a food market. Some advice for those still shopping. Go with vegan food. It's a lot better for you than any animal products you can find. There's no denying that animal products are the cause of some of the deadliest diseases and cancers on the planet. This would be the worst time to get that. So, go vegan.

  12. I need help. I recently bought a Steinburg UR22, which is an audio interface. For some reason, the sample rate is greyed out, and as a result, I can't hear anything from Rocksmith. Any fixes? NEVERMIND, FIXED It turns out 24 bit is supported. It just needs to be 48 kHz. Only problem is, there's a delay.
  13. So, things are going kinda slow. Got into WoW again. Got suspended for 3 days again, because I'm an asshat, I have uncontrollable anger. Anyway, content is coming, I have three (Potentially) CDLC's coming out. Maybe more once I listen to every single Falcom Sound Team song. Yes, I'm listening to all 250+ game soundtracks they have released. My favorite so far is a mix between Legend of Heroes and Ys. Zwei is also alright. But damn, the Legend of Heroes music of recent is just incredible. One of the soundtracks was probably the only soundtrack I deem worthy of a masterpiece of music. Because all the songs sounded great, they sounded incredible. It's hard to pick a favorite song, because they're all just amazing. Dreaming and The Boy Got Wings will be the best Ys songs. Legend of Heroes however, Sophisticated Fight is amazing (tab for that soon), there's that other one with its most iconic theme, forgot what it was, but it has hundreds of covers.

  14. Finally looked into Touhou... have no regrets. Suika is so damn cute in 7.5

  15. Put both together, not sure if you wanted the template or not for CDLC Creator: https://imgur.com/a/8sBZUEv The red bits are just anonymity. For some reason my file explorer displays my full name. The tones aren't an issue now for some reason? I reckon I used the wrong settings for the tones before. It's fine now.
  16. Hmm, I actually don't think ghost notes are used on slides in odlc. It's likely the tab author was trying to mimic a delay effect by using them. From my understanding slide guitars use delay a lot to help with sustains. (which might help with one of your tones since there is a very, very slight delay in that part of the song.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Um, you could change the ghost notes to normal notes and mark it with the crazy status: (crazy status shouldn't do anything more in this case (I think :unsure: ), but it'll help you differentiate between what's played and not when viewing in eof.) (btw, some of your slide notes weren't properly marked as 'linknext' (ex. 13 note in pic above) which also might be causing the issue too.) Sometimes, slides without ghost notes are marked as ignore which might help too. I did a dumb dumb. I didn't realize there were other versions of the tab and I heavily edited an old version. So, I'm trying the removing ghost notes and adding linktext. I don't know how to use crazy status? It feels like I'm learning another language. OH MY DOG, you are a legend. Thank you. Linktext was the exact thing I was looking for to get those sustained slides. It also fixed some of the bugs, though not all of them it appears. The thing I don't understand about the link text is, does it connect the previous note or the note after? Say those chords at the beginning of the song. If I link text it on the 8--9 chord, would that make the slide, or does it have to be the chord at the end of the slide? I am still sorta confused about that. Edit: I figured it out. It's the note before. WORKED PERFECTLY. The song is actually playable, and the solo is perfect. Thanks. Although I'm left wondering something. How do I add "Linktext" in a tab? I don't really want to be editing every individual note for a tab, each time I import it. Is there an easier way? Also, there is another bug that I had with earlier CDLCs as well as this one. Bends were not keeping their state. A full step bend that is sustained and doesn't move (As it is in the tab) for some reason would cut off in the next measure. It's a weird bug. Sometimes a chord with bends would disappear completely.
  17. It is up to date? I installed the latest hot fix just now. But the only version of EOF available is 1.8 RC12. Anyway, I did that, and used the track with the ghost notes. Same problem. Invisible notes, missing notes. What I Tried: - Updated EOF with the latest hotfix - Updated Toolkit (Again because there was another update) - Generating it without DDC (But it always does for some reason, despite it not being marked in configuration. I haven't made seperate tracks in EOF for it) I tried moving the notes a tiny bit (To fix some sync issues that were there anyway) then generating the file with this new XML. Same bug strangely? So it really could be anything at this point. I dunno. Maybe I'm missing something? Here's the EOF files (And GHOST NOTE version of the tab) if you don't mind taking a look thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7aew7bq6mbrlvhn/GHOSTS%21.7z?dl=0
  18. Removing ghost notes fixed the issues, but it isn't up to the quality of an ODLC. I released it anyway because I need suggestions for tones. http://customsforge.com/topic/56008-scar-tissue/
  19. Got the latest versions. Same issue. https://imgur.com/a/ZcNDcgJ Top image, sustains have disappeared Bottom, a note is to be played is not there. There's no ghost notes there in the tab. My last resort is going to be removing ghost notes. Which sucks because now you can't tell what notes are to be played and sustained or not. Edit: Crap. Spoiled the song. Oh well. I'm updating Scar Tissue. The old version on the database was abandoned Edit 2: I guess another question I could ask is, since Ghost Notes are one of the things breaking it. Is there a way to make a smooth slide? Like Official DLC quality where the slide isn't broken by another note and it is simply sustained?
  20. It's as the title says. Now I can't remember what version of the Toolkit I had, because when I tried to update it to fix the issue, it deleted itself because I had Rocksmith running. I wish I was joking, but it literally did. And I'm calling it a night before I bother to do anything with it (Update or use an older version). Because there's a bigger problem. To sum up what I mean by breaking notes, it's when notes are invisible, or are cutting off, or just not showing at all. (There's also a slide bug where I have a strangely shaped chord not sliding to the next note). The invisible notes, they are a really annoying bug because this CDLC I am currently working on, that isn't gonna see a release until this is fixed, is reliant on multiple slides. The slides have max, 3 notes to slide to, and they cut off. But that is hardly the worst thing. Even those where it slides to one note, if the same note is played after that, it is randomly invisible but the sustain is there. The note is gone. There's some really bizarre bugs, I'll post some screenshots later. It's been happening to a lot of my CDLC, but not as bad as I've seen it with this WIP one. And I don't think it's EOF, The reason I don't think it's EOF is because all the notes appear there. The notes are fine, they have sustains, they are all there. Showing as I wrote it in the tab. In case it's important, I am using Guitar Pro 7 to add finishing touches to my tabs. Thanks in advance.
  21. I thought I should let everyone know about this. I'm reconsidering some choices I've made regarding WoW. Read the comment on this post for a bit more info.

    1. EeveeonE


      So, I've been stressed out with World of Warcraft for a while. And I've set out to make my objective to obtain the mounts I want, and quest through the game to play the the lore. But the mounts have been the most, frustrating, time confusing parts of the game to me. It hasn't been fun, it's been nothing but stress. The lack of bug fixes, the RNG, the way it's locked behind skill walls. I can definitely do those skill wall parts. Problem is, once I get that far, how am I supposed to get that mount? This is the problem with not everyone in the raid getting one. It just makes it unfair for those that want the mount and can't because everyone else has got theirs. And there's no reason to do that raid anymore for the owners unless it's out of generosity.


      I was feeling down after that. Shadowlands has been announced. And the entire panels around it, bought up nothing about fixing the issues in the game regarding RNG being required to progress. And the lack of bug fixing was never bought up by anyone. There's so many bugs in the game, it's unbelievable.


      I get they are understaffed, but there is no excuse why you can't just not make new content for a while.


      Earlier today, I was gonna attempt Glory of the Legion Hero, which I already have the achievements for, the grouped ones mainly. And strangely enough, there are bugged achievements in Vault of the Wardens. "Who's Scared Of The Dark" and "A Specter, Illuminated". Both of these are currently impossible to do. It's bugged. There were bug reports for this the moment BFA came out, and it hasn't been fixed. I'm realizing there's some crap going on this game that I'm just getting burnt out from. Come December when the Jingle Jam is on, I'm gonna grind the dungeon reps for the mounts, just to get the Heavenly Azure Drake.

      What pushed me over the edge today was those bugged achievements. I worked my way there, did everything carefully, and I can't even do them because they are not working as intended. And have not been patched. I realized I need to take a break from this game every so often. So I may dedicate one day to doing stuff in the game (Excluding Paragon mounts which I am working towards, I fucking despise them with a passion. I just hope the person who designed it no longer works in the gaming industry). Those are the only things to work towards daily, which missing a day could have a big negative impact on it. I have 5/9 of the mounts. All Felcrushers, the Dreamweaver unicorn thing, the Llothien Prowler (Fuck yes, I love this mount). That's it. Still haven't got the Carpet, the Hippogryph, the Moose, or the Stormdrake. I really want the Stormdrake. Not to mention, the other RNG mounts in the expansion. I still need two Fel Spotted egg mounts, and a couple rares, but I can't be bothered with them unless I'm desperate.




      I dunno what I'm gonna do. I lost it earlier, but after a walk, I had a clear mind, kinda realized I wanted to keep playing for the questing at least, the only part of the game that works and is fun. This affects me here because it means content is going to be coming out quicker. I do a lot of projects on the side too. I do quite a lot during my day. I don't recall ever wasting a second doing nothing. I'm extremely productive and failure in doing so just makes me weak. As each day goes by, I feel like I forget something. It only scares me when I realize I'm forgetting good knowledge. One thing I never want to forget about life is how far you can get with peace and love. Being violent doesn't ever solve anything. It only adds to a list of problems. I think of it as the tree method. Start with the root. The root could be say, a murder. Now move up the root. You got police getting involved, you got the upset family, you got the list of culprits somewhere up there. And eventually, it branches off there too. Like, where do you go from there? What of the victim's families? And if they have a solution, where will that make them end up? Life is filled with things we cannot comprehend. The future is one of them. We need to work together to survive, to be stronger. And it's important to not lose sight of nature, since it speaks much more truth, and gives more answers than humanity ever will.

  22. Having the same issue. It's been a few days it seems and it still hasn't fixed up! Please respond! I have several I want to get up before Halloween. I managed to finally submit something. Just keep trying. I went to the forums and tried to submit from there, and it worked some how.
  23. Sorry I'm not able to post my new CDLC. I spent a good week working on the tab. It has one of the most fun bass lines ever. It's from Ys. And it's a really awesome song.

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