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  1. Been listening a lot to Van Halen lately. Would love to see CDLC of either Secrets or Hang 'em High! Thanks to all the charters out there, making our lives easier!
  2. Thanks to all the charters out there! I'd like to request the new Rise Against single, 'Nowhere Generation'. These tabs seem to be very accurate: NOWHERE GENERATION INTERACTIVE TAB by Rise Against @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com Thanks in advance!
  3. First time participating, first time hearing/playing the song! \m/ (did forget to repair beforehand) 42223A7762B6DF454491753F7D117ACD496520E0 (1280×720) (akamaihd.net)
  4. Hey! I couldn't believe there was no CDLC of this song already, so I guess it's my job to request it: Megadeth - Wanderlust As far as I can tell, this tab seems right: WANDERLUST TAB (ver 2) by Megadeth @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com (ultimate-guitar.com) Thanks for all the work you guys put in, rock on! \m/
  5. I'd love to see Alter Bridge - One Day Remains! https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/alter-bridge/one-day-remains-tabs-556098 Sending all the love to the CDLC creators, they make our world go round \m/
  6. Thanks to all charters out there! I have one request i've been waiting for asking for years: - Rise Against - Sudden Life (Lead) These are the best tabs I can find out there: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/rise-against/sudden-life-tabs-1671260 Thanks in advance :)
  7. Had this problem as well, only when streaming on Twitch. I think it is some kind of 'lack' of RAM that delays tone changes that make it crash to a dead tone. Without streaming, my pc has enough power to not have this problem at all. So my advice would be to stop all background applications that might be running and lower your settings.
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