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John Mayer California Dreaming    hope for this song   

Post all your CDLC requests here. Since we no longer have the "Popular" Request system, you can now post them in this, and only in this, topic! NOTICE. Posting a request here does not mean that someo

Thanks to all the charters out there!  I'd like to request the new Rise Against single, 'Nowhere Generation'. These tabs seem to be very accurate: NOWHERE GENERATION INTERACTIVE TAB by Rise Aga

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Anything by The Districts!

Especially these two:






Young Blood






anything by Nothing but Thieves

such as






Ban all the Music




If I get High








apparently I can't search properly, they're all already there except particles lol



Both bands are fantastic and have some really great and interesting riffs. I wish I could do these myself, but I'm not quite there yet. I'm practicing every day and learning music to one day get to where I could make my own tracks lol

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Please somebody have the song, Johnny B goode... by Mc fly and the ST?

The cdlc is not in IGforge .

Thank you


try: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/viv14wyzqt5faf2/AABYKHVUvLB86YCEcTfYLwMta?dl=0

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The Album Leaf: Streamside, Story Board


Emptyself: Liberated, Just Go On


Fightstar: Wake Up, Paint Your Target, One Day Son, Tannhäuser Gate, I Am The Message, City on Fire, Animal


Katatonia: Idle Blood, Nephilim, Day and Then The Shade, Departer, Unfurl


The Mayan Factor: Warflower, Aim for the Sky, Beauty and the Beast


Tycho: Montana, L, Daydream


Ulver: Høyfjeldsbilde, Kveldssang, Kledt i Nattens Farger


Sorry for the long list, haha.

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I would absolutely love if someone could do a chart of "Cloak of Feathers" and/or "The Veil of Isis" by The Sword, both from their album "Apocryphon." Cloak of Feathers in particular has a really sick bass solo that would be difficult to chart but absolutely amazing to play (I'm a bass player myself, so I must admit to some bias in that direction). Thanks for any consideration <3

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