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CDLC Requests


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New 2020 Deftones - Ohms, Genesis, Pompeji, Radiant City - Any other song off the album


Willing to cashapp $20 USD per song if accurately made.

Ohms and Genesis tabs are available on UG in pro format

Pompeji is on Chordify


Please and THANK YOU

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If anyone has spare time, any of these would be appreciated:

Anything off of the new Dropkick Murphys album

Bad Religion: Chimaera

Bad Religion: Operation Rescue

Slayer: Filler/I Don't Wanna Hear It

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Anyone able to create Ichika Nito's 10 Levels of Guitar?

Here's the song. 




Here's the song with a tab but it's much slower.


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I got a few I'd like to see made in no particular order

Currents Convulsive- Pierce The Veil

I Don't Belong Here- I Prevail 

Gasoline- I Prevail

The New National Anthem -Pierce The Veil (need a better version) 

One Turns To None- Asking Alexandria 

Love, Lust and Liars- I Prevail

Little Dove- Neck Deep

Sick Joke- Neck Deep 

Cigarettes and Valentines- Green Day (with the solo) 

Today I Saw The Whole World (acoustic)- Pierce The Veil 

Down To Hell- Asking Alexandria 

Headstrong- Jared Dines (cover)

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Hello All,

Two very fun and laid back song requests (willing to pay if well made - message to negotiate)


1. Into the Moss - The Werks

2. Duck Farm - The Werks


Both lead guitar

Dynamic difficulty preferred





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At the End of It All

Remember Me


Demon Eyes

The Lion and the Jester


-Team Sleep-

Ever (Foreign Flag)

Blvd. Nights



-Chino Moreno-

Brief Exchange


Team Sleep and Chino Moreno's music probably have tabs available online and sound fairly easy. Ascendia might have to be done by ear because they aren't as well known.

Any of these would be greatly appreciated 🙂


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I'm just gonna list a bunch of songs, I play lead/rhythm 


Jack Stauber - The Diverge 

Jack Stauber - Christ Potion

Jack Stauber - Koi Boy

Jack Stauber - Safe Socks

Jack Stauber - The Walking Song

Jack Stauber - Oh Klahoma

jack Stauber - Dog Nightmare

Chad Neidt - Make Sure It's For Sure

Breakwater - Release The Beast

Chronic Future - Time and Time Again

Red Vox - We Had A Little Talk

Red Vox - Anesthesia 

Red Vox - Apathetic Empathy

Red Vox - The Reason This Is Happening

Red Vox - Realign

Red Vox - Stranded

Red Vox - I'm So Happy

Red Vox - Back To School

Angel Beats OST - Rain Song (Instrumental)

Kill La Kill OST - Before My Body Is Dry

Pulp - Underwear

Mario Odyssey OST - Steam Gardens

The Heavy - Short Change Hero

The Academic - Bear Claws


Any of those would be big pog




Edited by STRG_Ed
updating what songs I found
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