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On 3/27/2021 at 8:23 PM, Max Kreuzer said:

Can you add Tallah - Overconfidence as a CDLC? Tallah is one of my all time favorite bands, However the only song that's available is Placenta. I really am looking forward to playing this song on Rocksmith. Thank you!


can you add the whole album as separate tracks and the whole album as 1 track

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Phish - Roses are free

yes Roses are free is a ween song but i loved the cover Phish did 



Grateful dead - It must have been the roses

Grateful dead - Box of rain

Grateful dead - Stella blue

Grateful dead - Shakedown street

 Grateful dead - Eyes of the world


Now i'm really reaching for ideas

Gorillaz - On melancholy hill

 Hopefully some of these get made, they're all great songs

I play guitar btw, figured i should mention it

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hey everyone and to all making the cdlc thank you im loving playing what your laying down not sure how to request one or two but ill try here ,jesus christ super star whole show love whats on here now its my fav broaway show so id love it if i could learn how to play it.sec please dont judus me by nazerith if im doing this wrong let me know i see alot of people have put links or videos of the songs 

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Hello, first of all, thanks for the thousands of songs, I will definitely make a donation soon!


Could someone do a CDLC of Buckethead - In the Bin (Buckethead Pikes # 20)?

it's a short song and it would help me a lot!


Thanks in advance!

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Hey everyone! I would appreciate it if someone took a look at this song:


It´s pretty dope and I want to learn it, but I am not good enough to tab it myself for rocksmith.

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Pleaes do some more GG ALLIN songs.  GG ALLIN with jabbers , murder junkies, and ANTISEEN.

Maybe some of the other ANTISEEN stuff too. and some other murder junkies without GG would be good too.

And some punk up the same ally of those bands.   Id really enjoy playing some more GG besides the two songs up on here. Thanks I appreciate it.   some songs like Teachers Pet, Dont Talk To Me, No Rules, Tough Fuckin Shit, I love nothing, 99 stab wounds, a fuck up, No Rules, would all be nice.  But im not too picky. We all know GG Allin is the true king of punk. Thanks if anyone gets around to this.

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