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Hi, I tried creating it myself but it made my brain fall out so if anybody could make a CDLC for any of the below songs I'd be HUGELY appreciative (DD is preferred as I'm only 6 months into self-taught guitar - both rhythm and/or lead are equally desired):







Also ANY of the songs on Don Broco's TECHNOLOGY album would be incredible to learn, honestly one of the best and most criminally underrated albums I've ever heard for heavy rock riffs

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If anyone can make these songs ( for bass guitar ) i would be very happy.

R.E.M. - Nightswimming

Paul McCartney - Come On To Me

Yes - Roundabout

The Who - Heaven And Hell

Golden Earring - When the Lady Smiles

Handsome Poets -  Sky On Fire

John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - All Your Love

The Who - A Quick One While He's Away

Bee Gees - Words

The Who - Out In The Street

Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around

Eric Clapton - Cocaine


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It doesn't have to be these specifically, but I'll put some of my favorite songs.

I'd love to hear anything with playable bass by:

Don Broco- ¥

Eidola- Primitive Economics

Capstan- The Death of an Illusion

Moondough- Social Disco Dancing

Dreamcar- The Preferred

Wolf & Bear- Catch and Release

Adventurer- Galaxy God

Bury the Enemy- Broken Shadows

Cicadia- Cancel Creature


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Bayside - Already gone.  This song is from the album "Killing Time" (preferably for the Bass guitar stuff mainly)

I'm actually a bit surprised that there isn't any Bayside CDLC available at all (I know there used to be a few songs in the past) but beggars can't be choosers - I'd honestly love ANY Bayside CDLC in general. If anybody else is interested in Bayside and is versed enough to make CDLC, or already has some (that just isn't uploaded) I'd greatly appreciate it!! (I've personally tried to make my own, but unfortunately haven't succeeded in my attempts.) 


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Greta van fleet- Brave new world/Flower power/Talk on the street/Age of man/Lover leaver/Heat above/Anthem/Mountain of the sun/light my llove/stardust chords/Tears of rain/caravel/Broken bells/Built by nations/Trip the light fantastic/The weight of dreams

Pierce the veil-The first punch/Tangled in the great escape

Of mice and men- Feels like forever/Youre not alone/Broken generation

sleeping with sirens-Fire/Tally it up settle the score/Your nickel aint worth my dime/Postcards and polaroids/Lets cheers to this/Feel/Here we go/Low/Deja Vu/Sattelites/save me a spark/we like it loud/November/Madness/Legends/Empire to ashes/Trouble/Hole in my heart/one man army/I need to know/War/How it feels to be lost/


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