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Would love to see some of my favorites start to appear:

- RHCP "Get up and jump" (Bass)

- Charlie Christian "Air Mail Special" (Guitar) 

- George Benson "Take Five" (Both) and "Give me the night" (Both)

- David Sanborn "run for cover" (Bass)

- Kenny G "Against doctor's orders" (Bass)

- Marcus Miller "Scoop" (Bass)

- Graham Central Station "POW" (Bass) and "Earthquake" (Bass)

- Bela Fleck and the Flecktones "Hurricane Camille" (Bass)

- B.B. King "You're Still My Woman" (Guitar)

- Blues Traveler "But Anyway" (Both)

- Atlanta Rhythm Section "Spooky" (Both)

- Hall & Oates "She's Gone" (Both)

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On 1/1/2021 at 3:35 AM, nektthewarrior said:

More Samurai (Refused)

A Like Supreme and The Ballad Of Buck Ravers please and thank you

I second this. The Ballad of Buck Ravers is my fav Samurai song.

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17 hours ago, citaface said:

Would love to see some of my favorites start to appear:

- Kenny G "Against doctor's orders" (Bass)

This is a great song, and the video is amazing! Love the 80s feel-good vibe. I'd love to make this, but I can't find any tabs so far. I could try to make it by ear. I think I would have the most trouble with which bass techniques are being used.

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Here are some more I would also love to see:

- Hall & Oates "Sarah Smile" (Guitar)

- Bob Marley & The Wailers "Could You Be Loved" (Guitar)

- Chris Klafford "Imagine" (Guitar)

- Crosby, Stills & Nash "Dark Star" (Both)

- Doobie Brothers "White Sun" (Both)

- Earth, Wind & Fire "Getaway" (Bass)

- Los Lonely Boys:

     - "My Way" (Both) & "Oye Mamacita" (Both)

     - "Real Emotions" (Both) & "You Can't See the Light" (Both)


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Here is a rare gem of a piece,  from Alex Lifeson of Rush. This is from his solo album which is quite the foil to that bands sound. This track seems to have TOOL 👽 sonic to it and a dark wave synthesizer additions. This is all I can find for the tab so I understand it would be a project for someone to take on  manually setting it into the editor, and be quite practised at making CDLC.  But it such a hard rocking piece perhaps someone will find an interest in it.



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