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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 387

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On 3/27/2021 at 9:31 AM, Orkkongen said:

Hi Banjo

If you want to show the score directly with a picture (like this) (THIS IS NOT MY SCORE!!!!):


You can click on the picture on imgur (make it big), and then right click on the (big) picture, and choose "copy image location". And then just paste it in here... This forum will then recognize it as a picture and put it in (or you can click "Other Media" below and choose insert image from URL). 🙂

If you use Steam you can make screenshots there, share them (private?) and then find them under your profile under activity. Click the uploaded picture, click it again, and there is an URL at the top (then double click, and copy). Thats how I do it. 🙂 
I hope it can work for you...

PS: The links you have given also count fine in the competetion. 😉

PPS: Nice score btw. 🙂


Hi, if I share them via steam do I do it on discord? Can I share it with myself somehow so I don't have to send anyone spamish stuff?


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Beginner lead, first time competing.  Will probably try a few more times. 

I can see the same thing when i try to download. I don't know what happened, when I opened the topic it all worked fine. I have uploaded the file to my drive, please here is the download link: ht

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15 hours ago, Banjoclan said:

Hi, if I share them via steam do I do it on discord? Can I share it with myself somehow so I don't have to send anyone spamish stuff?


When you have played the game and made som screen shots. Click on the picture (from the library), and here click share. You can then choose public, friends or private. I usually share it with friends, but nobody looks at it anyway. 😛 Then you can find it in steam by clicking your name and choose activity. This part i described last time (I think). 🙂

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