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Here's a new app developed by Scott Walters that searches Spotify playlists to find which songs are on Ignition.  As of right now, 36,179 corresponding tracks have been found out of 43,715 tracks on Ignition.  The app also features links to a constantly updated Spotify playlist with all the songs on Ignition and a tool that creates Spotify playlists based on what is available on Ignition.  The tool is still being worked on so that as many tracks can be found on Ignition as possible.  I think it would be beneficial to include it on the Tools section of Ignition since it allows for quicker navigation of Ignition on mobile devices and the desktop site. 


A link to the app: https://ignite-for-spotify.scowalt.com/

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I really like this app, I wish I could apply filters such as only showing Bass songs, or that it'd show what tuning these songs are in. A longer list of songs would be great too, instead of getting 130+ pages of 10 songs each

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I appreciate that feedback.


  • Filtering for Bass songs could be fixed by having better table options on the app (making the columns sort-able). That's on my "list of stuff to potentially get to."
  • Tuning is something that I could add. I just added it to my "list of stuff to get to eventually"
  • Most web browsers can't handle too many results. When I tested with playlists of 5000+ songs with 1000+ results, having them all on one page would result in Chrome grinding to a halt. Some of that could be poor optimization on my end, some of it could be just too much for any web browser to handle. That's why I (arbitrarily) chose to have pages of 10 songs. The current behavior isn't ideal, and it's something else I would like to address eventually. Again, this is on my "list of stuff to potentially get to."

I don't want to commit to anything because this project is currently in "maintenance mode."


Thanks for trying out the app and letting me know your thoughts! I hope you're able to continue to find it useful despite its current limitations.

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The Ignition 4 update broke how I was pulling songs from the Ignition database. I don't have time to fix it for Ignition 4, but I'm hopefully that the Ignition 5 release will the job significantly easier.

So, no planned support for Ignition 4, hopeful for Ignition 5. Until then, the songs I pulled from before the Ignition 4 update (around October 2020 IIRC) will be all that are available.

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