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  1. It looks like it doesn't show songs after the Custom Forge update in november.
  2. I clicked the red button to close the Warning Dialogue box and CFSM was deleted anyways. I reinstalled it last week and the same Warning Dialogue popped up again. Is this normal?
  3. Hey everyone, I'm using Rocksmith Toolkit on a MAC and i'm getting this error. Does anyone know how to fix it and if I will actually DELETE EVERYTHING if i click YES?
  4. I followed all the instructions on this 18 page thread and I'm run the apps, and patches and converted my CDLCs to mac. When i finish tuning, the song tries to load and gets stuck on the speaker cabinet screen. Does anyone know how to make this work in JUNE 2020? I have Catalina 10.15.5 , Cherub Rock, Real Tone, Paid STEAM ROCKSMITH 2014 REMASTERED. Thanks in advance
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