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  1. The Ignition 4 update broke how I was pulling songs from the Ignition database. I don't have time to fix it for Ignition 4, but I'm hopefully that the Ignition 5 release will the job significantly easier. So, no planned support for Ignition 4, hopeful for Ignition 5. Until then, the songs I pulled from before the Ignition 4 update (around October 2020 IIRC) will be all that are available.
  2. I appreciate that feedback. Filtering for Bass songs could be fixed by having better table options on the app (making the columns sort-able). That's on my "list of stuff to potentially get to."Tuning is something that I could add. I just added it to my "list of stuff to get to eventually"Most web browsers can't handle too many results. When I tested with playlists of 5000+ songs with 1000+ results, having them all on one page would result in Chrome grinding to a halt. Some of that could be poor optimization on my end, some of it could be just too much for any web browser to handle. That's why I (arbitrarily) chose to have pages of 10 songs. The current behavior isn't ideal, and it's something else I would like to address eventually. Again, this is on my "list of stuff to potentially get to." I don't want to commit to anything because this project is currently in "maintenance mode." Thanks for trying out the app and letting me know your thoughts! I hope you're able to continue to find it useful despite its current limitations.
  3. Hey, thanks for posting this! I made the app and I'll track this thread to address anything that comes up.
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