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  1. Sorry to hear about the losses that you've experienced. I wish you and your family the best .
  2. I am currently working on a Spotify match website. I am just waiting to hear back from Unleashed to get permission to scrap the table from ignition4. But it will have 30 seconds previews [as long as the artist gave Spotify permissions] (directly from the Spotify API so 100% legal) and advanced filter options. Here is a little sneak peak I've added 10 tracks manually so far for testing so this is what it looks like: All content will redirect to the tracks CDLC page by pressing the little guitar icon. Additional filtering by band, and platform will also be available
  3. It's a good idea but at the same time not really. The problem is that there would be no way to sync YouTube to Rocksmith, but even there was a a way to sync RS and YT if you lagged or DC'ed your whole tab would be out of sync andddd it will drive people nuts and they'll throw their guitars at their monitors and TV's.
  4. FUCK lol. I literally spent the whole day working on the same thing. Should've checked the forum prior to doing it. Nice work
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