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Finally gave Go Playalong a try


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So I finally gave it a go (the trial anyway). It's pretty good at syncing most simple stuff automatically and where it screws up its pretty easy to fix. Not too good at trance, it'll be an 8th off but doing the sync manually is easy enough thanks to the "snap to peaks" feature. It's a great feature normally I'd sync to them in the waveform anyway so this just speeds it up a tad. If eof had that feature I'd never need to use GPA lol.


I threw some grindcore at it (napalm death and go-zen) and the autosync had a stroke, it doesn't like that at all. You can snap each note to a peak and it'll be decent enough, probably better than the one I did in eof. If did well enough for napalm death until it got to the trempicked hell part and then it just died, go-zen just died instantly. Gave it some UNDEAD CORPOATAION and it did fairly well, but they play pretty on time anyway and don't take much to sync. It doesn't seem to like bpm changes very much though which is annoying but oh well.


The inability to edit tabs is a major pain in the ass, especially with how you are more likely to notice errors during the sync process. It's an even bigger pain if you make the tabs yourself (at least with how I make them). I like to use eof to check note durations, strum patterns, time signature changes and all the other stuff. To add GPA into my workflow I'd have to completely change how I tab stuff or re-sync it in GPA afterwards.


I guess you can sync it, export to eof and then edit then re-import the gp5 to fix any errors and it'll keep the sync which is pretty good for stuff with existing tabs. Yea I'd probably use it for them, but that's like hardly any of the songs I do.


For £30, hmm. I'd probably pay £15/£20 in it's current state?, wonder if it ever goes on sale. The autosync works well on easy stuff but I have no issues syncing that anyway and the snap to peaks is nice. But I'd rather not add another nearly pointless step to most of my songs and I doubt I'd use it enough to warrant buying it. If you could edit/create tabs with, it I would definitely buy it then, guess that's the major feature holding it back for me. It can already read them how hard can it be to let you edit them (UI overhaul and save system?). That way it could obsolete guitar pro at half the cost. On the website it is listed as a tab player though so it's understandable that it would be missing that feature, and listening to the midi synced to the audio is pretty nice, good way to spot errors, way better than the midi tones option in eof (which has tons of delay).

For use as a tab player is pretty good, I get we're using it in a way they didn't intend so what we want out of it are probably different from what most people who use it want it to achieve. If I didn't know about rocksmith then this would be the next best thing and I'd probably think it was pretty cool.


I see why people use it, for stuff with existing tabs it is pretty good and probably easier to understand than eof, depending on the genre the auto sync can be pretty good, works great for bass so I can see why JamesprestonUK uses it, I tried redoing some OrangeCoffee songs and it was very good. And Finally if you are starting out I'd find this easier to sync stuff in than in eof and is probably worth a go.


Guess that's it, see ya.

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We have a 10% off code but for those that are used to syncing manually, it sure wont' really help much the process but for those that do have trouble with doing it in EOF, GPA can be a life changing to make the process that much easier.

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"The inability to edit tabs is a major pain in the ass, especially with how you are more likely to notice errors during the sync process." I agree in that it would be great to edit tabs in GPA, but you can get it synced half way, go back to Guitar Pro, edit the tab, save, reload in GPA and still keep the syncing you have already done up to the edit. I do this a lot. After the edit, you might lose some red dots, if you have deleted or added bars. Otherwise it usually is all still there.

I would caution against autosync in GPA. I find it does more harm than good and can lead you way off the track. Used manually I think it's great. Well worth the investment.   I'd say you've done enough customs in EoF, you don't need it.

Thanks for "Schoolgirl Upon Thy Corpse" by the way. That really made my day!  :-)

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I know this is an old thread.   But I use GoPlayAlong in the paid version for at least 3yrs now.

One thing that is great about GoPlayAlong is the developer response to issues and comments.
I've experienced minor bugs, reported them and within as little as an hour or two got a response and a fix.
How many other devs do that on for-pay release products?

GPA is instrumental to my having charts that are in sync, but also the spectrographic shows the notes vs pitch. 
I've charted a whole bass line from a live performance that way (my Janis Joplin Monterrey pop festival Ball and Chain custom). 
Going back and forth in Guitar Pro to make edits.  

Autosync is fine on easy 4/4 meter songs with steady tempo. It gets into the ballpark and maybe only needs minor adjustments.
Send it a mixed meter song with tempo changes and it will shit the bed during auto-sync 9 times in 10.

In my experience GPA has some oddities;
If the meter of the song is wrong it will tend to get confused and squish notes into weird places;
It somtimes will indicate a GP5 file to be longer than the underlying music.
Mixed metering ie 4/4, 2/4, 3/4 will mess up autosync sometimes on those changes especially if there are tempo variations within them.
Tempo of the GP5 source file being off also throws off GPA autosync.   Some of this though has improved over time.

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18 hours ago, Cash Wiley said:

I love that bass chart dude! Instant favorite, right onto the setlist. Thanks so much!

I'm glad you like it.
You are one of several bassists who seem to like it.  Looking at when I made it, and how green I was at making customs,  I'm amazed it's as good as it is.
I'm not even much of a bassist either.    I charted it to play with a pick.   I have wished I could make the guitar parts too.  But the camera was not on Gurley enough
on that performance to see enough of his playing and the distortion and effect he was using messes up the spectrograph.

GPA is a great tool. And as I said I've had excellent response from it's developer on any issues I've had.

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Money Talks!? All it ever says to me is "Goodbye!".

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