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Graphics glitching on chords, how to fix?

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Okay so i FINALLY got my CDLC created but having a wierd graphics glitch in the game with every chord in the song, it has long mult-colored vertical bars that obviously shouldnt be there.


Any clue on what causes this and how to fix it?

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A while ago, EOF and the RS toolkit started using a simplified XML formatting that allows any default values to be omitted (ie. don't have to define fretting or fingering for a string that isn't used in a note/chord). Make sure you're using the latest toolkit and EOF hotfix to avoid such issues.

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Okay well I tried going into EoF (after installing the latest hotfix) and then I loaded up my project for the song, I moved a couple notes on each track (so it would recompile the XMLs when I go to save) and then I saved. Used the toolkit to make a new DDC (with the latest version of DDC) and then made the package, went into the game and the chords were still glitched. Any other ideas?

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The more the easier in that kind of situation but all that is really needed to test that kind of thing is the .eof and the guitar.ogg, the rest is either not needed to build a psarc or can be generated from the EOF file anyway.

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Alrighty, I will share the whole project folder. 




Okay here is the whole project folder. It is doing it on the lead track. I haven't tested the rhythm track and the bass track doesn't have any chords. If you need anything else. Just let me know. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

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So apparently the updater thing wasn't updating the toolkit version or maybe I misunderstood how the updater works for the toolkit. So when I updated and recompiled the DLC, NO MORE GLITCHES. Yay! Thanks for the tip iminashi. Now I can finally finish this DLC.

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The old updater, 2.8.0 will not work with the new version of the toolkit 2.9.2.  You have to manually update and then the auto updater should work.

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