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drop tuning



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A lot of people use it to allow to change the tuning RS hear without altering their guitar tuning.

This have some limitation though like the fact that your acoustic sound will be different to what you hear from RS which can be disturbing (headphones or having loud enough monitors will help with that situation) or that it doesn't allow to go from a standard tuning to a drop or open tuning so you might still be required to fiddle with the tuner depending on what you want to play.


On a side note, i do create pitch shifted CDLC for songs that are below Eb std. You can see that i have two version of some songs, one a in low tuning and another in E std/Drop D that will have the pitch shift effect inside the game but this means you can't use custom tones during that song or you'll hear the wrong thing. Not sure who else does this but if i'm not mistaking, CFSM can allow to automatically create those pitch shifted CDLC too.

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I have the digitech drop and love it!


I hate the tones that the game has preset, so I have my own amp and small pedal board including the Drop that I play thru.  I use a Switchbone V2 pedal to split the signal to both rocksmith and my amp (and it has an awesome boost).  With the amp on, you can't hear your sting clicks at all (which would be annoying since they may not be the tuning that the drop is emmiting).  I have two guitars - one tuned to E standard and one to drop D.  with two guitars tuned this way and the Drop pedal, you never have to stop to retune (just switch guitars and/or change the pedal dial).


It is well worth the $100... you won't regret it!!

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Tengo la gota digitech y me encanta!


Odio los tonos que el juego tiene predefinidos, así que tengo mi propio amplificador y mi pequeña pedalera, incluido el Drop con el que toco. Utilizo un pedal Switchbone V2 para dividir la señal tanto para rocksmith como para mi amplificador (y tiene un impulso impresionante). Con el amplificador encendido, no puedes escuchar los clics de tu picadura (lo que sería molesto, ya que pueden no ser la afinación que emite la gota). Tengo dos guitarras: una afinada a E estándar y otra para soltar D. Con dos guitarras afinadas de esta manera y el pedal Drop, nunca tiene que detenerse para volver a sintonizar (solo cambie de guitarra y / o cambie el dial del pedal).


Vale la pena los $ 100 ... ¡no te arrepentirás!


Yo también, y siento que es la mejor compra de mi vida.



@spacey7  Firekorn te lo dijo todo bien, pero si usas auriculares no tendrás ningún problema.



No tendras ningun problema

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i bought one of these and it works great !! my guitar has a floyd rose that i keep in E standard..i play through the drop pedal and just have to turn the knob to tune down...turn it off ,i have E standard...turn the knob down 1 and E flat standard,,, 1 more and i have D standard...no more messing with tuning  and re-tuning the guitar or switching guitars...although it doesn,t do open tunings ......This is a great pedal for switching between tunings easily!

I read about it first and some questions were brought up about latency,,but i didn,t notice any at all..

Guitar cable to drop pedal,,RS cable from drop pedal to pc..

When rs says have to re-tune when i switch songs,,,turn the knob on pedal from say,,,E standard to D standard,,and it is in tune!

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