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  1. The site has TLS enabled but not by default. If you put https:// before the domain (e.g. "https://customsforge.com")then you'll see that the connection is now secure For the record, if a website says "not secure" it doesn't necessarily means there's any problem, just that the connection isn't encrypted. Thanks for clearing that up!
  2. I checked the search option but couldn't find an answer to this.
  3. doe-ray- me- far- so- la- tee- doe!? Empty Garbage Before Dad Flips? Every Good Boy Does Fine? No but the tuner in the lower right hand corner of the pause menu will.
  4. Sometimes if the cdlc creator also uploads a demo video of the cdlc, I play that from my phone via the youtube app.
  5. I just keep a different guitar setup for each tuning that I play, haha. Too bad I didn't know about this option before I bought a ton of guitars! Ah who am I kidding? You can never have enough axes laying around. :lol:
  6. I appreciate some of the music, theatrics and sense of humor of this band, but I just can't get past the singing... And now the dancing.. To each their own though.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elakhX-Qw_A&list=PLJt74Q9QYoEL7zfZlomKs2vjxXfXqrxG4 What do you guys think? Norwegian Black metal, \m/\m/ Personally I like it a lot, only one song I am kind of "meh" on. A lot of the black metal purists don't like it, but most of them stop listening to Dimmu through the years as the line up changed. There is quite a bit of Dimmu on the custom forge too! Check out their songs on here they are all really fun to play. Maybe someone will upload some new songs off of this new album, I have the links to several tabs already if any charter is interested on a side note.
  8. Close our eyes to the octopus ride.....
  9. I was born in 82' and remember the movie. Thought it was cheese, lol. Probably didn't make it very far into it.
  10. :DDegoLocc lmfao!!! You seriously didn't know that Jeff was blind did you? Hahahaha! someone UPLOAD WHEN THE NIGHT COMES FALLING! Nope, can't say I did, lol. I just thought he was trying to be "hip" and start a new trend that never took off, haha.
  11. Pretty Impressive, but he looks like an idiot, and would look way cooler playing the guitar standing up correctly. A guitarist as proficient as Dimebag Darrel could easily play what Jeff did in that video, and he could play it normally on the guitar and jump around stage the whole time he did it, piss drunk. Also your video reminded of the style of playing the slide guitar like the great legendary David Gilmour.
  12. As a consumer and fan of VR I wish they would/could implement this somehow. I know most wouldn't but I would buy a special guitar if it showed what I was fingering and my handshapes in VR. It could def help those with stage freight I would think if the crowd looked remotely present and realistic.
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