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Need tips for my hand (restarted playing)



So i restarted playing guitar after 2 years and i been playing for 5 hours straight yesterday and today (heavy and death metal playlist) i dont remember having much pain on my finger tips lol... is there anything i can do to heal it faster? id like to play again tommorow but i think ill need to wait a day or 2.



Thanks in advance

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SuperGlue (Cyanocrylate) :D

Although the best course is, indeed, take a rest and give time for the skin to develop callouses to avoid blisters. But if you really can't avoid playing (i.e. you're a professional musician), taking proper care of the blisters and sealing them with super glue (or just protect the skin from the burst of the strings) really works.

But I repeat: do it as a last measure only. Health issues (even minimal ones like aching skin on the fingers due to playing) are not a laughing matter.. and Internet shouldn't be the preferred health consultant :lol:

Bassists finger better...

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I am also a rock climber and have been really impressed with a product called "climb on".  It is a balm that you put on blisters/road rash/tore up skin and it heals in about 12 hours....  you can find it at most climbing stores or on amazon....

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