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  1. SuperGlue (Cyanocrylate) :D Although the best course is, indeed, take a rest and give time for the skin to develop callouses to avoid blisters. But if you really can't avoid playing (i.e. you're a professional musician), taking proper care of the blisters and sealing them with super glue (or just protect the skin from the burst of the strings) really works. But I repeat: do it as a last measure only. Health issues (even minimal ones like aching skin on the fingers due to playing) are not a laughing matter.. and Internet shouldn't be the preferred health consultant :lol:
  2. This week so far. I know I could do better but I'm playing slower than usual lately, not only on this song http://i.imgur.com/ESwy1zf.jpg
  3. This is the second time this happened: I play a bass arrangement without a custom tone, so I got the "no tones" bug, that one when you don't get the custom tone on every song you load after and you have to restart Rocksmith. After I restart: poof!, the profile is corrupted and I need to make a new one... and I'm almost sure both times this has happened with the same song!!. Damn getting CDLC on batches and forgetting them on another folder of my HD :D Sorry, for the rant, I just needed to vent it out.
  4. @@missis sumner I hope not, all my tries to this song have been without a pick :D And gratz of the 100% btw, I already gave up on that
  5. Well, after playing some classic rock songs (and I mean classic as in "they fit in a Fallout soundtrack" way) finally my ring finger has more comfort in the covens of the witch ;) http://i.imgur.com/VQLE2s2.jpg
  6. @@NoonyDeloony Thanks for the advice! Will try to watch a playthrough of Pistol Switch and play along (don't have original RS). And I have some Ska songs: they are so fun to play. But my "problem" is with the left hand mostly. My right hand has improved a lot, I think, and I don't have too much struggles to set the rhythm with it
  7. I get the brain farts too! :lol: Just curious, do you play with colour blind mode on? I do, because I usually find it impossible to id orange notes unless there's a yellow close by for comparison and even then... :wacko: It does seem to make it harder for me to deal with greens + blues on the same fret though. Until the day I'm good enough to play by not relying on what I see, my conclusion is contrast matters, the more the better. I might have to try switching cb mode on/off depending on the song. If only there were a way to completely personalise your colour set! ^_^ Brain farts :D Yes, that's a good way to call them. I play with the normal colour scheme, will try the colour blind mode to see if I notice a difference. But, in my case is not about the color.. I don't know how to explain it: I can sight read at a glance changes from the 1th fret to the 16th or bigger and even nail them without looking at the fretboard (unless is a very fast song :D). But when I have to change strings on the same fret, or do constant arpeggios (like Muse's bassline last week) my brain kind of locks and I have to pause the song, riff repeat it slower or, as you say, rely on what I hear instead of what I see... But even then, sometimes i tell my ring finger to move but it don't want to :D I suppose it has to do something with my playing technique: I started playing bass about a year ago, but seriously and with a decent instrument since February. And I'm totally self taught. I know about the one finger per fret technique, but for me is harder to think what fingers goes where while I play. If i don't care about that my fingers just flow with the groove Now that I re read it that last sentence sound kind of arrogant, but you know what I mean :)
  8. First Bowie, then Prince, now Cohen.. wtf is happening up there? some kind of legends of music festival or what? Nice walking bassline but a bit tough for me. These basslines with notes on the same fret but different string make my ring finger stiff and I end up playing the note on the wrong string... That at best, at worst I got some kind of dyslexic attack and my sight reading goes totally off :D Anyways, here's my better try so far for this week: http://i.imgur.com/1P9ugYQ.jpg
  9. Singer: Serj Tankian Lead Guitarist: Eric Calderone (Eerock) Rhythm Guitarist: Izzy Stradlin Bass: D'arcy Wretzky Drummer: Dave Grohl Or something like that... Weird sounding? Probably, but I like weird things and find all those musicians very passionate in the ways they play.
  10. @@Mortalo well I didn't knew this band till now, but the song I knew the original (I think) by The B-52's. These Acid Drinkers have nothing bad, just they aren't my cup of tea :)
  11. No offense, but would you please consider looking a song two times before selecting it for the contest? I don't think it is correct a bass tone that uses a guitar amp instead of a bass one. And also a bassline that mimics every single note of the guitar, even in the "solo" Sorry for the rant, but it really pisses me off basses that play like guitars, I want to play bass dammit! :D http://i.imgur.com/bdchPFF.jpg
  12. This maybe will sound weird, but for myself it wasn't a band: It was a composer. I always liked bass but Galt MacDermot's Hair OST was the culprit to make me want to learn bass. I was totally hooked by the initial notes of the Aquarius bassline and how an instrument usually considered as support was the lead of the music.
  13. It's been a crazy week and almost no time to play. I will try to improve the score later http://i.imgur.com/QsTqs7m.jpg
  14. Damn slide from 5th to 2nd fret: I keep doing it but the game keeps saying i don't :D http://i.imgur.com/1NOcF27.jpg
  15. This is the best I've managed with a cdlc with no bass tone and bad note detection http://i.imgur.com/OnbXan0.jpg
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