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  1. So i restarted playing guitar after 2 years and i been playing for 5 hours straight yesterday and today (heavy and death metal playlist) i dont remember having much pain on my finger tips lol... is there anything i can do to heal it faster? id like to play again tommorow but i think ill need to wait a day or 2. Thanks in advance
  2. i might try to make iron maiden - the clairvoyant. And also the talisman from the final frontier album if the clairvoyant is good enough
  3. omg powerslave :) :-P and btw can you put your song a bit louder for your maiden song ? its a bit quiet compare to others.. but for the rest all is good ! thanks
  4. why not shiny and colourfull ? nobody love unicorn ?
  5. nice i was looking waiting for los :)
  6. Great job my friend ! hail to all the guitar player !
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