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2 different BPMs in songs, and copying notes in EoF

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Sup guys, here's the thing.


I downloaded EoF and I'm making my own CDLC, but the song I chose have 2 different beats pr. min. (one is 78, the other is 80). This fucks up most of the song, one way or the other.


(figured this out. Just select the notes you need to change, and change the BPM)


The other thing is that the tab isn't "complete". The person who made this forgot about 3 notes when he uploaded it to Songsterr. This fucks up the intro.


Do you guys know of a way to copy notes and change the BPM in songs?

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Please review EOF's tutorials (Help menu) for a quick briefing on some of the basic functionality. In almost all cases you're going to need to have many minor tempo changes throughout the chart, but you can set a good average tempo on the first beat marker and move other ones as necessary to make fine adjustments. You can manually add notes that aren't in a guitar pro file, but if you need to shift all the imported notes ahead by one or more beats, you can select them all (CTRL+A), copy them (CTRL+C), delete them, seek to where the first of the copied notes should go (there are several seek functions in the Song>Seek menu) and paste the notes (CTRL+V). Clicking and dragging several notes at once isn't recommended because all notes move the same amount in milliseconds instead of beats, and when the tempo changes, beats are of different lengths and the result is that the dragged notes lose their grid snapping.

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For the msising notes, I suggest making the changes to the Guitarpro file -- make sure the tab there is 100% accurate before importing it into EOF. Make sure your beatmap in EOF is perfect before importing the Gpro file too.


What I like to do is play back the song in EOF and work on the tab in GuitarPro at the same time (I have two screens, which makes this possible), because EOF lets you see how the measures match the music, and Guitarpro lets you hear how the tab will sound. (You can download Tuxguitar for free if you don't have Guitarpro.)

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you could also just make the notes in EoF, just right click, and change it to the number you want it to be :D btw, just want to say that your lucky if your making a song with only to different bpm, normaly the songs I make have about 10 or more


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I highly recommend that you watch the tutorial vids by PC Plum and Snake (although there's some negligible "untruths" in this one).

When you say that the song has "2 different BPMs", but they're only 2 BPMs apart.... it sounds as if you just need to sync the chart with audio properly, rather than rely on a static BPM value. Unless the song is edited during the mixing process (as is the case in many "modern" songs) to use an exact BPM value throughout, there will be slight variations in the BPM all over the place.

Your best bet is to either use the paid-for version of GoPlayAlong, or drag the first beat of every measure or so in EoF to match the audio. Using the (F5) wave graph should help since there's often patterns (like the drummer hitting the snare on the same beats each time) that will help you sync it easily.

Also...everything that @@raynebc said is spot on, as always. :)

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