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Missing something about fret/note choices.


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I play bass, and often when I'm playing some songs on Rocksmith (original songs or custom DLC) I see what appears to be random fret choices.  Meaning... a portion of the song is perhaps moving between the D and E notes on the A string (5th and 7th frets) and you get a groove going and then all of a sudden it may show the E on the D string (2nd fret).  Why would the author of the song choose to jump there?


Sometimes the spacial locality between the notes seems ridiculous and is exhausting.  Bouncing between the 1st and 8th frets on the E string (F and C)? Why not just bounce between the 1st fret on the E string and the 3rd fret on the A string.  I can't tell any difference between the tone of the C and it's so much easier and fluid to play.


Is it that the DLC content creator messed up or do the actual musicians play this way.  If so... is there some reason why that escapes me?


Thanks for any insight! ;)



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For official songs, you can be sure that it was made to fit what the original artist did. Doesn't mean it can't be played differently anyway.


As for CDLC, well i know i try to stay as close as possible to the artist way of playing but i'm not sure everyone adjust tab the way i do and sadly, tabs can have pretty idiotic things written in many occasion so it's up to the charter to change it...


All this being said, you can play whatever way you want as long as it's the correct note, RS won't care about where you play it on your fretboard.

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All this being said, you can play whatever way you want as long as it's the correct note, RS won't care about where you play it on your fretboard.

Yeah it's just a pain because I have to transpose note positions on the fly...


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Well I don't know which songs you specifically mean, but I can say sometimes the bass goes (example) from fret 1 to 8 just so you can stay on 1 string and slide to the next fret, even if the tab doesn't show a slide this is often done


Another reason could be that playing on 1 string gives you more control over vibratring string, if (sometimes) you'd play on different strings one string might still be making noise after you switched strings, which should have been muted. 


(it's mostly just personal preferences, even if you want to say ''this is an original tab, that's how the writer wrote the song'' I mean is there really only 1 way to express art? :p )

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