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Support regarding CDLC tutorial

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@@SaxmanD if it's installed in proper location then you need to launch it at least one time, it would set environment variable automatically so toolkit would be able to get it by itself there's literally one case scenario I've missed in refactoring process but 95% are covered solidly. Please try it and report back (clean config for wwise path just in case)

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¡Hello, good evening!

How do you sync the tab with the song?

I used GoPlayAlong in 2014/2015, but I can't pay for that software, so I don't use it now.

How do I know if my CDLC is out of sync? My pc is a little slow and I don't know if It's out of sync.

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Hello, could you somehow fix images in tutorial? Maybe it's after site's update, maybe not but many images are displayed as a link, and it's tedious to open each of them instead of preview in post. You can see that upper image is showed properly image.png.14948ffa706ae328f1eb890c1befe339.png

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Hi all,


Just made my first CDLC and at first it worked like a charm. There were a lot of ghost notes in the GP file and I guess rocksmith just doesnt show them so I decided to take them out and try my CDLC again. The ghost notes problem was fixed and I could see all the notes again, but when I got 2/3 into the song it froze up and crashed. 

The crash happens at the same point every time, and didn't happen in my first version with ghost notes.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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  • Administrator

Hard to say just like that, i don't encounter crash often if at all so i don't have many reason to give from the top of my head.

If you could share the EOF project or the psarc, it might be easier to find what's happening.

Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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I'm trying to make a first CDLC for myself, nothing major just simple power chords and such. I had no problem in EOF but it's Wwise that keeps giving me trouble. I extracted and installed it. How everytime I click generate in the toolkit I get an error (I'll link a screenshot of it below. This is now the 4th time I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Wwise application and it's just aggravating. What's the issue?


P.s I am using the 2013.2 version of Wwise.


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Hi, thanks for the very thorough tutorial!

Most of it works great, but I currently struggle with leading silence. I added an empty beat in the beginning of the song and in addition silence of 7 seconds so that everything starts at 10 seconds. Everything is in sync in EOF, but when loading in RS2014, the music starts immediately and doesn't seem to care about any leading silence at all. The guitar.ogg seems to be generated correctly, so I'm a bit at a loss why it would start immediately.

Using EOF v1.8RC12 and RSToolkit V2.9.2.1 and Wwise v2013.2.10

EDIT: Added the original sound file and not the "guitar.ogg" file in RSToolkit - so to everyone wondering about this - double check this first 😅

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Found solution
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