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Bassist wants to discuss and learn the complex feel of groove from inside

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Hi , this is a kind of a workshop , I would say.

Where brains gather together and discuss the electric feel of groove , and maybe the groovy soul from the inside. . The purpose is that we together make a whole picture of the feeling of groove.


For this task is , to me,  extremly hard to do with words. Because words , in my opinion, dont cover the whole picture of what I feel inside when I feel the groove. And therefore the word does not correspond with the my reality (feelings) .

So please take part in this discussion and bring to light the complexity of feelings happening when the groove is alive inside. 







Table of Contents:

1. Rules


3. More about the goals

4. A taste of my perspective

5. More on the feeling of groove in my fingers

6. The list





First of all, and most important, please don't post something that you yourself have not contemplated - dont copy what you have learned from a book. I want this topic to be non-academic, free and open minded disussion between friends.


With this basis I hope that you understand that this topic doesn't aim to describe the groove in terms of what is recognised by the Administration of musical theory (I made this one up).  The goal is related to the perspective of DIY mentality. In this perspective the groove is to be explained by the lady in the street to the novice bassist. Without learning the novice any belief-system. 


For music is a language itself. And the this novice doesn't want to learn a language (in this case musical theory) to understand the language of music.  


Also I would like to ask if we could hold a friendly and compassionate tone towards each and other. Consider all people posting as yourself.  And keep in mind, I dont mean any harm. Even when the words I write will strike you as hurtful. This is not about me, or you. This is about Groove.


Secondly I advice to be open to the fact that everything you believe is wrong. This way we can become freedom from all belief. And as I also expressed above , a belief-system  - paradigm - will often prevent us from seeing the clear picture of reality.  But dont let this be a discussion of other then the groove. 


''Philosophy is love for true and clear knowledge. Not some ideologies or theorys made by some wise people that we can use to see the world through'' 

In other words, forget the feeling of embarrasment and dignity here. Because mistakes is only way to learn and nobody should be ashamed of saying something not intellectual. We should all empower each other and water seeds of curiousity. 







2. Background for the topic:

I would like to learn groovy and soulful baselines. I am a novice.  I have played guitar for 6 month before, but I would like to get stronger and flexible fingers.

But most important;  to learn the right and left hand the feel of groove and soul. I want my fingers to breath and live the groove - naturally and in symbiosis with the complex feeling that stems from the inside.


I dont want to learn the book-groove. I want to learn the naturally and clean groove. Therefore I invite you to join, and not some belief-system. That being said, even musical theory is welcome. As long as it brings to light the essence of groove without creating boundaries. 












3. More about the goals:

The goals for this discussion , workshop,  non-academic symposium or whatever it is,  is to make it easier for a novice bassist to practice the groove. 


So I would appreciate if , when you decide to join and post something, that you write in such a way that readers can easily understand. 

In other words, keep the layout groovy but not spaced-out. I'm just kidding. But really , its much easier to gather all knowledge in one,  if you write tidy. But dont stress it ,  this is not a school. And you are accepted as you are. The atmosphere is set to nurish curiousty and fun learning.







Let's bring to light the feeling of groove , from the inside to the outside.






4. A taste of my perspective:

I dont know much about genres (also I dont have any knowledge about music theory)  , but I know that I would like to learn to play groovy and soulful bass. 


I am going to write a list with some artist, albums and songs , so that you are closer to understand my idea of the words ''groovy and soulful''. 


An example of what I consider the feeling of groove:

''You  are walking down the street a sunny day and you feel real good. You listen to ''sweet excorsist'' by Curtis Mayfield. At 1:18 he sings ''Sweeeet'' , and your whole body feels it - the groove. You want to dance, but you dont , because you're to shy. But the feel of groove changes the way you are walking, smiling and feeling. Your feet and hands are in different rhythm then they usually are. They got groove.  People on the street can recognize when they see you.

It's the groove''. 


I would highly appreciate  perspectives from other people, so that my ideas can expand , and I can learn - and you can learn and have fun''. 



5. More on the feeling of Groove in my fingers:

My idea of Groovy and soulful is usually the total picture of the genre, artist, album or the song - not only the bassline. But it's the bassline groove that I hope to be the result of this learning process. If the opposite seems to be the case - that I want to pinpoint an isolated feel from the music to describe my Idea of groove and soul - I will write this in parenthesis. In other words, the groove is always the total song or album. But when it's not, I will note this. 


Another example of the groove:

''The rythm of poetry works together with the rythm of the instruments is important to me. For example the Grooveline pt.2 by Schoolboy Q. In this song his rapping is what I want my fingers to dance like''.






6. The list:



With Groovy and soulful I mean an intertwined relation between the following structures of rhythm:

(About the list: They are ranked from 1-3 , whereas 1 is the closest to my idea of groovy and soulful bass)


- Frank Ocean and the different genres that  ''Channel Orange'' touches. 

- Frank Ocean - Lovecrimes 
- Frank Ocean - Song for women

- The weekend - Loft music (the singing is here the important perspective of the groove)

- Kanye West' latest album  (especially ''Fade''  )

- The internet - Special affair 


Rank 2: 

- Schoolboy Q's album Oxymoron and especially the song ''Grooveline pt.2'' 

- Mobb Deep - Shook ones pt.2

- Jazzmatazz vol.1 

- Neo Soul Acid Jazz Collective


Rank 3:

- Schoolboy Q's album Oxymoron and especially the song ''Grooveline pt.2'' 

- Bill Withers - Grandmas hands

- Curtis Mayfield - Sweet exorcist (the song, but also the feel of the album)

- AcidJazz / Neo-soul / Rythm and Poetry 


You can now see that the list , and my perspective, is coloured by the outside world - the non-free paradigm. But I know that what this outside world is making me feel , is the groove.


Therefore the paradigm is not always bad in regards of understanding the groove. But still, it's only some vague keywords of a complex feeling.


BTW: I would appreciate if someone could find a cldc on the list - especially rank.1. 






Further on, if its not to much to ask for  - I appreciate any advice and tips from from you all.


For example:

(i) techniques,   

(ii) exercises,

(iii) and any information that can boost peoples learning curve in regards of inspiration. Like tips on how to listen to music or how you started learning groove.. For instance information about your habits and routine of practicing bass and how this effected your learning curve,  






I hope you have a beautiful day, 

thanks for reading . 

Best regards, 

your friend. 








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In theory I find this to be an interesting topic if not necessarily an academic one because of it's highly subjective matter and approach which makes discussing it really difficult, so I doubt anything more productive than shared experiences can come from this if at all.

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 I dont want to learn the book-groove. I want to learn the naturally and clean groove. Therefore I invite you to join, and not some belief-system.




Yet you are already hung to a belief system by chosing one instrument, genre and music system. You are tying groove to your instrument, not to sound in general. The music system tied with the instrument or the western music system is already a belief system. If you really want to find the groove you have to let go of everything and reinvent it. Else you are just looking for the essence trough an already established music system. If that is not your true goal, then you might aswell delve into the theory and book-groove because it is what other people before you have done to find their groove, book-groove comes from other people's experiences just like what you are trying to do. You are already trying to find the groove trough other people's songs, there is no shame in that. The musical system is just that, a quest for the groove, whatever that may mean to someone. For some people it means different things, that's why we have an abundance of genres. If you truly want to find groove you might even delve into physics and find out what makes up sounds, how they are created trough instruments, how frequencies affect people, but wich again, is settings bounds. Wich doesn't seem like you want to, but overlook.

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