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  1. yes...I noticed that last night....I am unsure as to why though as of yet
  2. Ok...I thought there must be more to it than the little I saw....and apparently there is ;) ...not that a whole bunch of really mellow people sitting around bunch of tables cant be fun....I guess... heh heh jk ;)
  3. Really?? .....thats it?...Thats "MagFEST"?? wow lol
  4. check out some of Plums customs....I believe he has done some entire albums rolled into "one" custom....some Guns n Roses and some Pink Floyd i believe....his customs are awesome and some are over an hour long....that will give ur fingies a workout lol
  5. still not working for me update: seems to be working now...thank you update #2: again not working
  6. Ive switched to Firefox and no more problems....damn i bet now im jinxed :( ...anyways it worked for me
  7. try using a different browser
  8. Yes I'm having the very same issue now :( changed browser.....all good
  9. Dude relax, it was a joke....besides I never said "drugs"...YOU DID. I said stash.....referring to gods wonderful green gift to mankind.....nobody OD's from my stash.....perhaps may lead to pizza and Doritos but hey lol anyways it was a joke...sorry to those who may have been offended remember kiddies..... Drugs are bad Mmmmkay
  10. save yourself tons of time and grief and just break down an buy Cherub rock
  11. If you get good....Groupies flashing their fine breasts and jumping your bones.....motivation problem solved lol plus you rarely have to smoke your OWN stash .....win-win
  12. Yes I have successfully ran it on several..."outdated" and slow laptops ;) FIRST turn off any unnecessary programs running in the background of your PC including "background or hidden" then start RS, turn off all unnecessary video options (yes including the "crowd" portal) and try it, and it also sounded like you might need to "recalibrate" your guitar perhaps, turn your volume on your guitar down ever so slightly when you do this process (this wont help with the lag issue but may help with note recognition).....then when completed turn your guitar volume back to max to play (as usual) and give that a shot. hope this helps cheers
  13. Thanks @@Brooklyn_Sounds ...... been looking forward to those :)
  14. lol dontcha just hate when that happens? ;)
  15. well there are plenty of Arctic Monkey tunes here...give some a listen and if any have the tones that are close....."borrow" the tones from there....and give some thanks and a little credit to the charter that came up with it. Or maybe try asking that person if they will maybe help you in reproducing a similar tone.....just a thought
  16. 1200 hours give or take PC and a couple hundred on Ps3 I suppose
  17. This issue is very frustrating. :( Please put up a link to the OLD search.
  18. ya they are a blast...well until the cops show up and shut them down because of the "loud music complaints" that is :( make sure you have someone collecting at the door....helps to pay the fines ;) lol
  19. Oh please god let it be "Run Run Rudolf" by Lemmy Kilmister and Billy Gibbons lol...but include the guitar parts as well ;) lol
  20. well whatever the reason they didn't include them (personally I tend to believe it was the money reasons ;) ) Don't fret, there are many Metallica customs to choose from here thanks to the hard work of the skilled charters around here :) Grab a few (don't forget to thank the charters for their hard work creating them) and play your heart out bro ;)
  21. Im ALWAYS open to other versions of any song....if someone wants to redo it...more power to them.
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