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CDLC Orphanage


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Say hello to our new CDLC Orphanage.

From now on if we find a download link that is broken and the user hasn't been online for 90+ days.

We'll update the download links and change the charter to CDLC Orphanage.

In the release notes we will make a note of who the original charter is, the date of when the CDLC was put into the orphanage and the member of staff who send the CDLC into the orphanage. 

If the original charter returns he can get the CDLC out of the orphanage without any problems. 

CDLC in the orphanage are also up for adoption. If a magna charter want's to adopt one of the songs. just send a message to the member of staff that is named in the release notes and the CDLC will be in your hands.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

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Thumbs up!!!!!!!

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