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    american fender strats, ibanez iceman, grestch electromatic
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  1. Happy Birthday fuchead!

  2. Happy Birthday fuchead!

  3. recently added some tunes to rocksmith, and now none of the songs will play. Everything seems to work but when I go to hit play nothing will happen. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Happy Birthday fuchead!

  5. http://ignition.customsforge.com/search/browse?filters=%7B%22artist%22%3A%22Raised%2520Fist%22%7D heres the link, doesnt work
  6. the one raised fist song doesnt work either.
  7. After loading the patch, rocksmith just crash's?
  8. 10.12 sierra, anyone having problem with no download content showing up at all? worked fine 2 days ago, man fuck macs.
  9. very good question, they should have a button for this, so annoying
  10. anyone have problems with toolkit in mac? says I have to download monoframe, which I did 5 times and it still asks me to download it. I'm lost.
  11. I have to say none of that worked for me but I did http://customsforge.com/public/style_images/villain/snapback.png do this, I went to my rocksmith folder deleted the old app icon put the new one in there and it worked for me, the injector also works, only thing is, I lost my profile and progress but I can play all the cdlc so I dunno works for me now.
  12. non cracked rocksmith blows chunks. I wish I knew more about macs so I could fix this.
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