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Hope this is an ok place to ask this. I am using bandicam to try to record some play throughs with web cam. I get it to record but there is no sound. i have tried everything i can in windows and bandicam to get it to work and it just does not have sound on playback. i tried the exact same set up with another game and it worked fine. Is there a setting within Rocksmith that needs to be adjusted? I see people posting them a lot so I know it works but i cant figure it out. any tips for someone that is computer challenged would be appreciated.

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@@avsrick - There's a tutorial on using Bandicam. I'd guess the main issue you're having is probably not turning the audio exclusivity setting off yet.

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Go through the troubleshooting on the web site too.  That worked for me.  I still need to get the webcam working though.

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