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  1. I thought it was you who I thought it was :) Just didnt know if you wanted anyone to know. Thanks again. I love your CDLC's.
  2. special thanks to @, Amazing stuff!
  3. who have I not seen, that I want to, is a much shorter list. Got Maiden in 2 weeks (2nd time) Go to Rocklahoma yearly so that is like 40 bands in 3 days... I actually can not think of one band i want to see that I havent. At least the ones still around. Probably Metallica is whom I have seen most. At least 12 times...
  4. @@albatross213 , you were spot on AGAIN. Thanks so much for the help you give me when I have issues. The guide was helpful and that was all I needed to do was turn off exclusivity and it works perfect.
  5. @@RyanBurnsRed , Thanks, I didnt know what else was out there. I may give that a try if I cant get the bandicam to work. I feel like i know bandicam pretty well now...except for this issue.
  6. Hope this is an ok place to ask this. I am using bandicam to try to record some play throughs with web cam. I get it to record but there is no sound. i have tried everything i can in windows and bandicam to get it to work and it just does not have sound on playback. i tried the exact same set up with another game and it worked fine. Is there a setting within Rocksmith that needs to be adjusted? I see people posting them a lot so I know it works but i cant figure it out. any tips for someone that is computer challenged would be appreciated.
  7. oh yeah, reading the chart is all i can do and it does get easier. reading the chart is like a video game. you just get better at it. my problem is when i have to move my hand up and down the neck :) Since I can only play by reading the chart, looking down to make sure i am on the right fret is a challenge. but the more i play the better I am getting at finding that spot with out looking too. which makes me giddy.
  8. Thanks for the info. I think I may get serious about getting one. Prob should go up to the music store and see if they have any i can try out. I am a little shy about doing that because I totally rely on RS to play. :D I have been playing about a year or so and cant play anything but a scale without the game. :(
  9. @@albatross213, I think i have figured it out manually but have one last question. I fixed the numbers like you said. The song i fixed was just in a folder i keep on my desktop where I dump songs I might want to play but dont want them on the game at this time. After that fix do i just put it in the game as i would normally? I saved it to my desktop, do i use that version or the one in the original folder? I just saw your reply on my version. I will try to get a newer one, i really appreciate your time and knowledge. I enjoy your CDLC's too!
  10. I think you are exactly right. Just have to get back into playing and get into 'condition'. I am an amateur for sure. I have no intention of ever playing in a band etc so I just play for fun. Instead of listening to music, i now just play it. I toyed with guitar. But i just found some of the chords too complex and I am lazy. But the more I play bass, i agree with your friend. It has challenges. I have been thinking about getting a short scale bass as i have fairly small hands and find that I dont use my pinky like I should because i cant stretch like you described. Is the short scale that much of a difference? Does it look like you are playing a childs bass? :)
  11. I dont know. I have had it about a year. Version v2.6.0.0... it is not there. I see the "APP ID UPDATER" all I have under that is the drop down to select the RS version I have and the 248750 code for smashing pumpkins. I will try to do one manually but i am a computer idiot and that looks fairly complex :huh:
  12. @@albatross213. This is good info. I have had to delete several songs because of this problem. However, when i go to the toolkit (red guitar)and go to the packer/unpacker tab this option is not there. Am I in the right spot? Basically the same tab used to code the song to Smashing Pumpkins code. Did I misunderstand again?
  13. I am no expert ( I lead all my posts with that disclaimer :) ) I play bass too and play a couple times a week for a few hours each session. I do get this as well. Sometimes to the point I have to just quit the song. I have always just assumed it was fatigue from not being "in shape" with my arm/hand. Seems like the more i play...as in more often during the week, I dont feel it as much. IF i go say 3 or 4 days without playing then it happens quicker and seems to be more painful. Just my 2 cents. Certainly not a doctor.
  14. I use RS Roadie program to 'hide' all the DLC I will never play and it works good once you get the hang of it.
  15. No expert here. But some CDLC songs do that. you might be trying to play a bad song. When i first started with CDLC's , everytime i restarted the game I lost all progress. it turned out to be one of the custom's. I dumped them all and started loading them a little at a time until I found the one causing the issue. I suggest you remove that song and see if there is a newer 'fixed' version.
  16. Kudo's to you and your attitude. I wish I knew how to help you with that but I am not real smart on those type things. I hope someone here can help you!
  17. <_< that makes sense. Thanks again.
  18. @@MaZtoR I swear I went to set list manager tab several times and it was just blank. I read what you wrote, go back and it is there. :unsure: Another question if you dont mind...I noticed on the song manager tab that if I change it to Rocksmith 1 DLC it shows a bunch of songs on there I dont have in 14. Can I somehow get those in the setlist or is that premium purchase content that has to be bought? Just curious. Thanks for all your help!!!!!
  19. Thank you! I got it unzipped and the folder on my desktop. I open the folder and click on RS Roadie and it opens up! But none of my CDLC songs are listed. Only the songs that came with RS2014.
  20. well hell. I feel like an idiot because of all my questions. Seems like there is so much that is assumed knowledge so there is much missing to basic steps. I downloaded the RS Roadie via the link above. In the guide it says to install it. How? I try to open it and it says i need to select a program. I am not a computer guy. I just want to play RS. the .rar file is in my download folder. How do I install it? I am sorry I am PC challenged but could someone help me in layman terms. What do I do next? Then I can move on to the 2nd step on the guide :( . A little frustrated but I do appreciate you guys advice and help.
  21. Thanks for the link. That's a pretty confusing thread. Do i go to the end of it for what is actually in play? Is it Song Manager, CF, or Rocksmith Roadie? Is the user guide link in the thread on page 7 the latest?
  22. Hello, Since I found this site i have downloaded a lot of songs. I am sure others have a lot more. Can I remove some of the songs that came with the game originally? I have no interest in playing about 90% of them and they just add to the long list i go through when i just want to play songs I like. Can someone point me to a thread or answer me directly if anyone has tried this?
  23. int bass http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/429322699316991064/035DB4E00FB0EF7789076F1BCF6CE4E9E4F87734/
  24. Great topic. Something I found myself thinking about as well. For me, I love rock music. I go to concerts and right before the band takes the stage, the stage is all setup, the crowd is anticipating, The roadies are off the stage. I ALWAYS think. "man, i want to be that guy coming out to rock us" Well, that will never happen and was always a bummer to me. Rocksmith was the key for me. I will be 50 this year. I have tried in the past to learn, but it just wasnt fun. Now I play along to Rocksmith and I know it makes me sound better than i am but I feel like i am actually playing something. That keeps me motivated. Not scales or practice. But playing along. I used to go home after my day and listen to music. Now i strap on the bass and play with it. thanks to this site, i can play about anything I want to play along with. I will never be onstage, but I can turn down the lights and turn up the volume and have a good time. And by doing that, i have gotten better! I dont care if I am ever in a band now. This is enough for me and it is fun. So my mindset is to have fun on Rocksmith and not worry about getting really good to be in a band. but I have got pretty decent and I am learning things about the bass the better i get. I dont play everyday, but at least 15-20 hours a week. I have been playing the bass for about a year now. it is my release and my fun. My love for music fuels my desire to play. And i have always been wow'd by musicians. How do they do that...
  25. Int Bass http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198244068596/screenshot/429321431552421844
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