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I have had a guitar since 2008, a Samick explorer model, and been dabbling every so often since, and rekindled the flame with Rocksmith. I tend to hold the pick pinching between my thumb and my forefinger, sometimes being supported by the middle finger too while resting my hand on the bridge. My question is, is this ok to hold the pick for the blues-thrash metal genres that I'd like to cover, or do I need to hold the pick differently and basically re-teach myself on picking? (the way I hold it and how I rest my arm on the body/bridge is really comfortable)

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I don't agree with the 'if it works for you' school (unless you're a prodigy guitarist, of course).


Because I used to hold the pick this way too... and never made any progress. The first thing my guitar teacher did when I started lessons was to correct this. Go to the lessons section - there's one on how to hold the pick.


Pinching it might be okay for simple strumming, but it will get in the way of building up speed and accuracy. Holding it against your (curled) index finger beneath a straight thumb minimizes movement and also makes the connection between the pick and string more solid -- try it, you'll hear a real difference.


It's a difficult habit to break though. Even all these years later, my first inclination is to pinch the pick.

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In rocksmith the video wasn't too clear for me and I havent seen many clear videos when holding a pick.  I hold it the same way MartyV does, and I think this makes sense, especially when doing things like "pinch mutes".  I can do palm mutes, but im still not too fast with them.

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