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old search engine was 100x better



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The preview button doesn't play music when the youtube video can't actually be played on the record page and that can happen for many different reason. Some video are not allowed to be played back on outside site or they are blocked in your country or whatever reason youtube can find to mess with playback :D


If the search isn't working properly you might need to explain a bit what's going on it might be a bug or just a wrong filter.


Know that a futur version of ignition is already in dev but it takes times and money to make that happen.

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There's no need to "bring back" the old search engine since it never went away. It's all I ever use or want to use.


I asked for single-click access to the custom's page in the new Ignition back in April and was told to "just be patient." Instead, I went back to using search.customsforge.com. I will continue to use it until they pry it from my cold, dead hands. I just don't see any new functionality in Ignition that I actually want, and I don't like seeing my donations being used for its further development as I don't like the look and would lose important (to me) functionality if I were forced to use it. But of course that's not my call and I'm sure a lot of work has gone into it by dedicated developers who deserve our collective thanks.


As for YouTube videos not playing, that happens to me all the time in the old search engine. No problem as the video (assuming I am allowed by YouTube to view it in my country) is just a click away (but only in the old search engine, unless there is now a non-intuitive single-click access to the song's page that I can't find in Ignition - I just tried for the first time in six months).


We've rewritten ignition from the ground up with the upcoming update. Ignition is currently incomplete and was based on search2 with the addition to laravel.

Our new ignition uses bootstrap with laravel and is totally recoded. It even has a search2 theme and runs better than search2 and the current version of ignition combind.

Once the new ignition update is released all previous searches will be removed. Your donations pay for keeping the servers up and for our developers to have the tools they need to keep developing the new ignition. 

Our new search uses the same technology that wikipedia, wordpress, uber, ebay, soundcloud and other major companies use. https://www.elastic.co/


I can end support for search2 at anytime if I feel we're losing donations because of it, but for the sake of being fair I won't. 


The main problem is we only have two main developers and they are both busy with real life projects at the moment. They've been working on ignition non-stop, so it's on fair to give them a month break.


I would definitely love to see it finished next month or before christmas, and I do see it possible for it to be released by then. I wish I could show everyone what we've done and how hard it is to do what we're currently doing. It's not easy and it is very time-consuming.


I cannot express enough that donations keep our services running. Please remember that donations for the developers also supports our CustomsForge Desktop App which is being worked on daily (and I'm even coding on it myself).

Just a bonus: we already have the new requests rewritten and integrated into the new ignition, once we fix a few problems and get it up and running we can get both released.



I hope this clears up any confusion or problems @ and if you have any concerns please let me know.

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I was never a friend of ignition, because it encourages too much a hit and run attitude,

I like critics and suggestions, but feedback for our customs became quite rare.


Ignition also hangs on Opera 12.16, whenever I select an artist or a charter, I get a not very well ordered list, and I can't go further.

This version of Opera is the most customizable browser ever made, so I won't change, but of course it's no argument against Ignition. But it's the only issue I have from all my regular sites.


Now with the old search, my complete list of customs doesn't show anymore, only some,

and I wonder if the filters also "forget" other customs.  

There are 78 Buckethead customs on Ignition, but the old search engine only displays 70.


So that leaves me sitting between two chairs.

I can understand when it is criticized, that ignition is not (yet) worth the donations,

I still wait for THE major improvement that will change my mind.


Still no very clear way to bring people to feedback on how well a custom is made.

It really keeps me off downloading, I really like to play the customs, and memorize them

but too often, I had to spend half an hour correcting them before.


Maybe the download button should politely (warn to) deactivate, for those who never rate a custom.

Maybe some ratio rating/download should be installed.

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