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Rocksmith wont start



So I upgraded my graphics card thinking "hey" this will be cool. So after that whole nightmare of a process is done. I get my pc back to normal. A couple of days later, I try to run Rocksmith and I get stuck at the loading screen(with the little rocksmith pick). Normally a sound plays(guitars warming up noise I call it, but I hear nothing.)


After researching the problem, I downgraded to my old card and I have the same issue.

I've tried:

Using the onboard graphics

redownloading rocksmith

Restarting my pc

Restarting my pc again

validating the files

redownloading both drivers

Using multiple audio outputs seperately

making sure my audio works

telling Rocksmith my audio works verbally




Sacrifice to the Ubisoft gods(it was a guitar pick)


I know it would sit like this when I had no audio detected. Maybe one of the wizards on here could help me out :)


Many nice scores on all songs :)

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@@then3verend, try to set all new hardware+update all drivers(especially gfx driver), rocksmith needs dx 9 reinstall it too. usually it's broken file on disk make sure that your hdd\sdd has a good connection you can check disk with rocksmith for errors,i don't think it's a RAM issue. make sure you have no OC while testing (if it has wrong clocks you may have blackscreen issue\often ctd due to hw desync).

try fresh install w\o dlc\mods

have fun with that, play smoke on the water from time to time while doing this, compy loves rock classic :lol:

PS. sorry for poor english

if rs can't detect realtone, disconnect all other(usb keyboard\mouse is ok) usb devices.

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@@Alex360 It detects realtone, and I even got it to start once, but froze on the "living room" menu
Updated all drivers, set my card to lowest setting, still get stuck :/


deleted the cdlc i made today from the folder, re-installing without any cdlc(didnt have any mods installed)


Many nice scores on all songs :)

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I had this issue when I tried to setup RS14 on a secondary pc.  I solved it by installing the latest Direct X release.  I used the DX install on my GTA5 disc, but you can DL from Microsoft or use Windows Update (might be in the reccomended updates as oppossed to the essential updates).  Or just pull out the game disc of RS14 if you have that and use the Direct X install, should work.


As I remember I was also trying to use the onboard gfx of my Intel chip, so it might be worth checking if your gfx card is the primary gfx adaptor - you can do this in Device Manager.  Your pc, for some reason, may be trying to use the onboard gfx instead of the new gfx card.  There are settings in your motheboard BIOS for this.  It might be worth going into your BIOS and resetting everything to default.


Also, your mobo may need a BIOS update to run the new gfx card - I had to update my BIOS recently for my mobo to run my new 970.


Furthermore, it could be the game settings causing you grief, especially the resolution.  Go into your Rocksmith.ini file (in the same folder as the Rocksmith install) and manually make it a small resolution, you can change it back in game once its running.




Good luck :D

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All drivers are up to date, reinstalled and updated DirectX three separate times.


I'm running the game digitally on steam. Clean install as well, no dlc, no cdlc. Made sure my gpu is the one being used. Reset bios to default. Had to update bios like you said to get the card to work. Backed up the .ini file, edited to lowest resolution(800x600).


Still won't get past the first loading screen. I'm starting to accept that Rocksmith is giving me the digital middle finger as it's the only game that won't run now


EDIT: Figures as soon as I edit this it works...thanks in order for you both

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Many nice scores on all songs :)

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